About Certemy

What We Do

Certemy’s certification platform supports the entire certification process. We streamline workflows and improve communication amongst professionals, certifying and licensing boards, education and training providers, professional associations and employers by integrating them into a single platform. Our goal is to eliminate busy work and confusion, making certification more about meaningful professional development and less about checking off boxes.

How We Do It

Certemy does not just provide a product; it provides a solution. Our user-friendly platform allows for configuration of any workflow. At Certemy, we want to save our users the time and headache often associated with maintaining a certification or license. We carefully guide our users through each step of the certification workflow and streamline the process of transmitting and securely storing their certification documentation. We provide gentle reminders about due dates and put everything in one place.

What They’ve Said About Us

“This platform could potentially single-handedly solve 50% of the problems facing my organization today.”
Pete Nielsen
CEO - California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals

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