7 problems that keep employers up at night

7 problems that keep employers up at night

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We asked HR Professionals and Operations Managers to share some of the biggest problems they've solved by adopting our platform. Here's what they told us! We truly value our ability to provide much needed resolutions to common onboarding and compliance management challenges. Please check us out here so that we can help you, too!

Our outdated HRIS system took too long to change, and each change was an unplanned expense that we hadn't budgeted for.

"Modifications and repairs of our old system required an outside developer's time at a high hourly rate. It would sometimes take weeks or months for us to make a simple change. It was a relief to learn that Certemy's SaaS-based solution is highly configurable, and easy to change and extend."

Consistency was a big challenge. It was difficult to execute replicable and scalable processes over time.

"We heard rumblings around the office that there were inconsistencies between one employee and the next in terms of onboarding and even termination processes. As a rapidly growing company with a large HR team it is imperative that we implement a consistent model. We sought out a solution that would allow us to define, automate and track all our training, education, and work experience requirements that employees must complete during onboarding, or to advance to a new position. We also wanted to be able to manage and document a consistent termination process. We found all of this and more in Certemy. It just couldn’t have been easier."

We were experiencing too many non-compliance costs with manual tracking compliance.

"Simply put, things were getting lost in the shuffle. Mistakes started happening more frequently as our company grew and the need to manage more compliance related items increased. Certemy keeps us on track and helps to avoid the high costs of regulatory and insurance non-compliance."

Different team members using different software solutions put a strain on internal communications.

"As an operations manager running compliance management and tracking it was difficult to easily share information with my HR team who used an entirely different system. When we learned that Certemy provides a single solution for both compliance management and employee onboarding, it became even more appealing — they allow us to track multiple credentials like certifications and internal training simultaneously."

We desperately needed a way to roll up data to the corporate level. This was a huge challenge for us.

"Being a branch is sometimes difficult because you have to make sure that all your work can be extracted, organized, and shared on a dime's notice. Once our branches adopted Certemy, we were all able to effortlessly share data with corporate - allowing for things like trend analysis and best practice sharing."

Every time we looked into automating compliance management, we were daunted by the high costs, endless timelines, and massive steps for implementation.

"We had looked into automating our compliance management and tracking but we actually had 2 key challenges. First, there didn’t seem to be dedicated software for compliance management. Second, even if we were able to use a similar type of software to meet our needs by tweaking it, it would take forever and cost way too much. Certemy was a breath of fresh air when we learned that you can get going in less than 30 days and the costs were so reasonable."

Repeatedly sending manual reminders and doing manual tasks took away valuable time that could have been used for larger initiatives.

"I had learned during team meetings that my staff was spending too much time on things that could be automated. For example during onboarding, it would have been ideal to have a solution in place that allowed employees to upload copies of licenses, documents, credentials, etc. Or, that reminders/notifications should have just been sent automatically to those that didn’t complete an internal requirement. Certemy took care of that for us and so much more!"

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