Are postage costs eating up your credentialing board's budget?

Are printing and postage costs eating up your budget?

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Do you spend thousands of dollars on printing and postage each year? Are you mailing out application and renewal packets, renewal reminder postcards, verification requests, approval and denial letters, certificates and license cards, and more?

With former board executives on staff, we know what it's like to be dependent on snail mail to manage your program. Each mail request takes days to receive — and if any returned item is incomplete or includes errors, the process starts all over again.

Applicants become frustrated as application processing times increase — and you spend hours (each day!) answering endless phone calls and emails to confirm receipt of each piece of an application for every applicant. "Did my supervisor send the information you need?" "Has my school sent my transcript?" "Do you have my test scores?"

Does this sound familiar?

Going paperless can save you 30% or more

Move your applications online to create efficiency and transparency in your application processes. Our highly configurable credentialing management solution not only allows applicants to submit applications online and monitor the progression of their applications — it also allows board staff to approve or reject submissions, request additional information, and easily share information with professionals.

And the best part? In many cases, your savings on printing and postage alone can pay for your online application and renewal software. Some Certemy customers have reduced their annual operating budget by 30% simply by eliminating printing and postage costs. How much could you save?

Can we help?

We'd love to help you slash your postage costs! Book a personalized demo and we'll recreate your current application and renewal requirements so you can see exactly how Certemy would work for your board.

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