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Elevator contractors rely on getting the best personnel on boards for their various projects, whether it’s a simple repair or a complex refurbishment or new installation. This is why it?s essential to ensure that all personnel employed by contractors have their professional license in order and very valid. Manual license verification is an incredibly time-consuming process, not to mention logistically complex and expensive. Certemy, the leader in License Verification, has automated primary source verification software to streamline and enhance the process.

Certemy takes the time, effort and resources out of verifying your employees? occupational licenses, all while providing complete visibility and control of their remarkably streamlined compliance program. It allows employers to reliably and accurately track license applications and records, which also provide mitigation against potential legal risks and heighten productivity and visibility. These benefits plus the fact that Certemy?s professional license verification system is trusted by many of the US?s largest employers makes its quite clear why contractors should consider giving it a try if they want to remain compliant and ensure their employees? credentials are in perfect working order.

Certemy?s license verification system makes the process of validating an employee?s occupational license and certifications simple and convenient. The software securely fetches valid licenses and certifications from the appropriate state and federal databases, doing all the necessary verifications automatically. If an employee?s license is expiring soon, Certemy will automatically alert the employer well in advance. With the software in place, there’s no need to contact numerous government offices, which simply adds more time and effort to manual verification data collection and record management.

Certemy helps too by improving utilization. When a project needs to get done quicker and/or use fewer resources, licensed professionals can work more efficiently and quickly with reliable, real-time insights into workers? up-to-date license information. Regardless of the size of the project, any updates to credentials?such as license renewal, expiration or inquest?are automatically tracked and tracked and managed through the system’s secure and reliable primary source verification system.

Certemy is more than able to build out the necessary workflows to fit organizations’ specific requirements. Whether it?s managing generic license application processes across all employees or customizing organizational procedures, Certemy can do it all. Not only does the system facilitate tracking license applications and records, but it also captures and manages additional data such as insurance company information, certifying agent, contract expiration dates, certificates, employer signature approval and more.

Essentially, Certemy helps organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance with its automated license tracking and primary source verification system?all while offering improved tracking and management. With its incredibly flexible system, organizations are able to reduce the time and effort involved in manually verifying licenses and certifications for their staff, while also being able to quickly and accurately return valid licenses and certifications in a snap.


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