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April, 2021.

Clifford O. Feingold, discusses the landmark U.S. Supreme Court case that rocked the regulatory community in 2015 and continues to affect how licensing authorities operate today. Watch the video.

March, 2021.

Jasmine Rockett and Jennifer Naughton explain when, why, and how to incorporate micro-credentials into your credentialing program. Watch the video.

March, 2021.

Jennifer Smothermon walks us through the changing regulatory landscpape. Watch the video.

February, 2021.

Dan Logsdon explains the fundamentals of how and why interstate compacts are formed. Watch the video.

January, 2021.

Brian Tobias provides an insider’s view of the sunset review process in Colorado. Watch the video.

Jan, 2021.

Elizabeth A. Carter joined us for a special fireside chat hosted at the 2021 CLEAR Winter Symposium. Watch the video.


Dec, 2020.

Brian Carnahan, Executive Director of the Ohio Counselor, Social Worker & Marriage and Family Therapist Board shares his thoughts on the future of regulation in a post-COVID world. Watch the video.

Nov, 2020.

Elizabeth A. Carter concludes her discussion of the unique and emerging value of professional licensing data and best practices for collecting data. Watch the video.

Oct, 2020.

Elizabeth A. Carter discusses the unique and emerging value of professional licensing data and best practices for collecting data. Watch the video.

Oct, 2020.

Terri Hinkley and Janice Moore share lessons learned by the Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board (MSNCB) during a recent implementation of live remote proctoring. Includes supplemental data and information links. Watch the video.

Sep, 2020.

Greg Searls and Kimble Richardson explain this type of regulatory structure and what it's been like to regulate during COVID-19. Watch the video.

Sep, 2020.

Executives from Kellen, Upton Associates, and Smith Moore & Associates provide their perspective. Watch the video.

Aug, 2020.

Kim Madsen, Executive Officer of the California Board of Behavioral Science, discusses licensure portability models, challenges, and best practices for implementing solutions. Watch the video.

Aug, 2020.

Justin Beattey, Deputy Director of the Indiana Credentialing Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (ICAADA), explains how his board was able to reduce application and renewal processing times from 60 days to 3 while cutting office expenses by 15% and reducing inbound phone calls and emails by 30%. Watch the video.

Jul, 2020.

Shawn O'Brien, President & CEO of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), shares his insights on how to prove the value of your certification program to employers, professionals, and consumers. Watch the video.

Jul, 2020.

Jim Puente, Director, Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), discusses licensure compacts and how the nursing profession has leveraged the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) to manage the ongoing challenges created by COVID-19. Watch the video.

Jun, 2020.

Tobi Zavala, Executive Director, Arizona State Board of Behavioral Health Examiners, explains how she's managed the challenges of regulating during a global pandemic and shares some great insights on what's next for the regulatory community after COVID-19. Watch the video.

May, 2020.

Rory McCorkle, Senior Vice President at PSI Online, and Eric D'Astolfo, Vice President at Pearson VUE, discuss how testing providers and boards are adapting testing protocols under the constraints of COVID-19. Watch the video.

April, 2020.

Moira Edwards, President of Ellipsis Partners, discusses usability testing and optimization for credentialing organizations. Watch the video or read the transcript.

April, 2020.

Mark R. Brengelman, Attorney at Law, discusses regulation in the time of COVID-19. Watch the video.

March, 2020.

Tom Gibbons, President of F&W Pest Control, discusses how to automate technician compliance, onboarding, and career development. Watch the video.

March, 2020.

Judith Hale, CEO of Hale Associates, discusses how to design and manage performance-based certification programs. Watch the video.

February, 2020.

Janice Moore, SeaCrest CEO and veteran of more than 200 successful accreditation applications walks us through the whys and hows of professional certification program accreditation. Watch the video.

February, 2020.

Michael Carpenter, CEO of the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council, with experience regulating multiple professions in two countries, shares his thoughts on international regulatory best practices. Watch the video.

January, 2020.

In this, our first fireside chat for the licensing and regulatory community, our VP of Licensing Strategy, Mary Alice Olsan, shares the knowledge she gained from her experience as a regulator in Louisiana and with national regulatory associations. She also shares some of the topics she'll be covering with industry thought leaders in this new regulatory series. Watch the video.

January, 2020.

Jason Skinner, Board Administrator for ASACB, shared some of the lessons he learned while transitioning his board, with an administrative staff of just one person and a modest operating budget, from a labor-intensive, paper-based manual process to a 100% paper-less automated process using inexpensive certification management software. Watch the video.


December 18, 2019.

Pete Nielsen, CEO of CCAPP, shared his insights on custom versus off-the-shelf certification management software. Watch the video.