Fireside Chat with Janice Moore, CEO, SeaCrest Company


Janice Moore, SeaCrest CEO and veteran of more than 200 successful accreditation applications discusses the whys and hows of certification program accreditation. A lightly edited transcript of the chat is available here.


About Janice Moore

Janice co-founded SeaCrest Consulting with Cynthia Allen in 2006 to serve as a resource for organizations seeking to build, improve, and grow certification programs. Leveraging 18 years of experience in the certification industry, including her previous role with the Institute of Credentialing Excellence (ICE) and the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), she serves as a strategic partner for organizations seeking to develop new credentials, improve existing programs, and achieve accreditation.

After working with clients across dozens of industries to develop their certification programs, Janice firmly believes that accreditation standards are an effective framework for improvement. Her understanding of the application and interpretation of accreditation standards and the workings of the NCCA, ANSI, and ABSNC accrediting processes is evident in the more than 200 successful accreditation applications submitted by SeaCrest.

Janice serves as a strategic planning partner to evaluate and improve clients' major program areas helping set goals, assess feasibility, develop strong governance foundations, facilitate policy development, and design quality management programs.

In addition to volunteering throughout her community, Janice remains committed to the certification industry through a number of volunteer activities. She often presents at industry conferences (including ICE and ASAE), has participated on numerous ICE committees, and currently serves on the ICE Board of Directors and ICE Accreditation Services Council.

About SeaCrest Company

SeaCrest Company provides expertise in certification program accreditation for programs seeking NCCA accreditation, ISO 17024 accreditation, and ABSNC accreditation. SeaCrest also works with clients to develop new certification and certificate programs, create strategic plans, develop policies and procedures, change organizational structure, and develop marketing and communications strategies for credentialing programs. SeaCrest's primary focus is helping organizations strengthen their certification programs and achieve NCCA, ANSI, IAS, or ABSNC accreditation.