Fireside Chat with Judith Hale, CEO, Hale Associates


Judith Hale, CEO of Hale Associates, discusses how to design and manage performance-based certification programs.


About Judy Hale

Judy and her firm Hale Associates has worked with clients in all industries in the private and public sectors for more than 25 years.

Judy specializes in performance improvement focusing on evidence-based certification and credentialing, performance-based curriculum, measurement and evaluation, and sustaining initiatives. She consults with corporations and credentialing agencies on the design and validation of programs and standards used to qualify people and learning products. Her processes are documented and recognized for being comprehensive and practical.

Janice serves as a strategic planning partner to evaluate and improve clients' major program areas helping set goals, assess feasibility, develop strong governance foundations, facilitate policy development, and design quality management programs.

Judy has developed useful models for implementing new programs, identifying organizational needs, defining and assessing competencies, and integrating performance management with learning and development. She works with Senior Leaders, Human Resources, Training, Facilities, Purchasing, and other staff functions to help them align their processes and services with those of the larger organization.

About Hale Associates

Organizations hire Hale Associates to provide expert advice, design certifications, partner with staff on evaluation and assessment projects, audit programs, and develop protocols and guidelines to help managers operate more consistently and efficiently.