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Licenses and certifications are an essential component of many occupations, including nursing. But when it comes to occupational licensing, keeping up with the renewal and primary source verification process can quickly become extremely burdensome. This is particularly true for professionals who traverse state boundaries for work or are engaging in global exchange. And for HR operations, this means extra effort is needed to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, which in turn causes organisation-wide disruption and wasted time and money.

To help organisations mitigate risk and better manage their staff licensing requirements, Licence Verification (LV) companies are evolving the processes to modernisation. By automating the LV process, organisations can easily check the veracity of employee licenses and credentials and stay ahead of any regulatory compliance.

What is License Verification?

License Verification is a process that confirms a person has the required credentials and valid licenses to suit the purpose of their employment. This involves matching the employees provided information with the appropriate primary source records. Tracking of employee licenses and credentials is possible through LV companies that offer a centralised system of record to store the verification details.

The traditional LV process involved manual checks by a team of in-house resources who had to look for relevant credentials from various sources. This process was prone to errors and took up a lot of time and resources.

The Benefits of Automated License Verification

Today, automated LV is revolutionizing the way organizations look at LV and compliance processes. Automation is beneficial for two primary reasons:

1. Improved Team Productivity

The automated verifications employ fewer resources for the same job. This saves time and resources used for the checks and puts more energy into day-to-day tasks. In addition, automated LV is faster, more accurate, and processes frequently updated records from reliable sources.

2. Increased Visibility Across the Organization

LV companies provide a single system of record that helps HR operations track and manage employee licenses and credentials. This helps reduce the time and resources consumed in manual searches and tracking of employee licenses and credentials.

Leveraging Automated License Verification

Organizations can leverage automated LV processes using existing pre-built workflows and applications. This helps automates the process of LV and enables organizations to track employee licenses and credentials for compliance with regulatory requirements.

Many LV companies provide APIs that allow companies to easily integrate their existing LV system with the automated verification system. This further helps reduce any manual errors and eliminates the need for frequent manual checks.

In the end

As organizations become increasingly focused on regulatory compliance to stay competitive, automated license verification is becoming a critical component of HR operations. By leveraging automated LV, organizations can easily track and manage employee licenses and credentials and save time and resources.


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