Certemy Showcases Technician Onboarding & Compliance Management Software Solution at Florida Pest Management Association (FPMA) 2020 Winter Expo

Certemy representatives will show pest management company owners and managers how they can streamline technician onboarding and career path development while minimizing the risks and costs of regulatory and insurance non-compliance.

COSTA MESA—January 21, 2020—Certemy, a leading provider of simple, affordable software for employers of credentialed professionals, will present the latest version of its employee onboardimg and compliance management solutions to pest management professionals attending FPMA's annual Expo. This year's Expo is at the Florida Mall Hotel, Orlando, FL, January 21-23.

Certemy's software allows pest management companies to streamline, standardize, and automate their onboarding and career path development processes for all employees, including technicians and managers. Certemy also helps pest management companies reduce the risks of regulatory and insurance non-compliance by ensuring that employees are fully licensed, certified, trained, and educated at all times. Specifically, Certemy helps companies proactively manage regulatory and insurance risk factors, including licensing, certification, OSHA training, driver license checks, background checks, vehicle inspections, materials handling, equipment operation, PCI compliance training, sexual harassment training, and more. Certemy also generates a digital record of all completed credentialing, training, and education activities for each employee to help employers defend themselves against customer or employee lawsuits.

Learn more about Certemy's employee onboarding and compliance management solutions at https://certemy.com/solutions/certemy-for-employers.

"Employee onboarding, development, and compliance management are often some of the last business processes to be automated by pest management companies," said Shawn Cantor, co-founder, and COO of Certemy. "We are delighted to partner with the FPMA to bring our affordable automation solution to the attention of the substantial number of pest management operators that attend this annual Expo."

About FPMA
The Florida Pest Management Association is a state-wide organization that represents the pest management industry in the state of Florida and serves over one thousand pest management professionals. The FPMA's mission is: to communicate the role of the industry as protectors of food, health, property, and environment; to promote high standards of business ethics among industry members; to support research, education, and training within the industry; and to cooperate with federal, state and local government for the good of the community and the industry.

About Cerftemy
Certemy provides employers of credentialed professionals with simple, affordable software for employee onboarding, career path development, and compliance management. Certemy helps pest management companies ensure their employees are fully licensed, certified, trained, and educated at all times. This improves employee engagement, productivity, and retention while reducing compliance risks. We provide the only solution that business users can change themselves without IT help or programming. We provide the lowest cost of ownership for any comparable solution with predictable SaaS pricing and no implementation or change fees. Learn more about Certemy at https://certemy.com or call us at 866-883-4207.

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