Certemy Product Update
January 2020

New platform features and enhancements

Open Ended Forms

Added functionality for an unlimited number of Log Step and Dynamic Form entries.

3rd Party Payment on Dynamic Fee Step

Added the ability for 3rd party payment on behalf of Professionals in the Enhanced Payments functionality of the Fee Step.

Field Focus and Auto Field Expansion in All Step Types

Extended form functionality to include Auto Field Expansion and Field Focus for additional Step types beyond the Dynamic Form.

Display Logo Controls on Hover

Added functionality to auto hide image controls for Organizational logo, Credential, and Avatars.

Word Wrapping Update

Cleared abnormal line wrapping throughout the platform.

Product Release Board

Certemy has published our Product Release Board, which outlines all the recent releases by feature. In addition, there is an opportunity for you, our loyal customers, to submit an idea for the Certemy platform roadmap. Our product team's promise to you is that every idea will be thoroughly vetted and prioritized on our roadmap.

Always Evolving

We are always looking for ways to enhance our platform and make it more useful and easier to use. If you have any suggestions on how we can make Certemy better for you, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.