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With new state-level regulations encouraging companies to ensure their workforce is qualified, HR departments must develop comprehensive and efficient license verification programs. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, as traditional methods such as manual license checks, are time-consuming and labor-intensive. The good news is that Certemys license verification system automates the entire license verification process?allowing companies to quickly and accurately verify their employees? occupational licenses and certifications.

Certemy is a rapidly-growing leader in license and certification verification, helping companies and organizations to save time and money, reduce risk, and maximize team productivity. By relying on primary source verification, Certemys automated license verification system offers a real-time view of employee licenses and credentials?in one system of record. With Certemy, companies are able to not only gain complete visibility and control over their license and certification compliance programs, but automate license application processes, track and manage license and certifications, and stay ahead of regulatory compliance requirements.

Automatic Primary Source Verification

At the heart of Certemys license verification system is its automated primary source verification technology. Primary source verification is a method companies use to ensure that a healthcare professional or staff member?s license or certification is active, appropriately renewed, and free of any sanctions or disciplinary actions. Certemy does this by connecting organizations with official license databases, which are kept up to date with the most accurate data possible.

When a company uses Certemy to verify the licenses of its employees or staff members, it first provides the license holder?s information (such as name, profession code, and license number) into the Certemysystem. From there, Certemy automatically queries the appropriate licensing agency, retrieves the necessary license data, and then verifies the data?s accuracy. This automated process eliminates the need for manual or paper verification, and saves both time and money.

To ensure accuracy in the data retrieval and verification process, Certemy utilizes the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs? (NCPDP) standard license verification process. The NCPDP has developed a set of industry-standard protocols to ensure that license verification databases are kept up to date and that the correct information is being provided to companies. By adhering to these protocols, Certemy is able to offer a reliable and safe license verification system.

Configurable Workflows Simplify License Management

In addition to automating the primary source verification process, Certemy also offers an efficient and intuitive workflow management system. With this system, companies can easily and quickly build and configure their own custom workflows that automate license application processes. This allows HR teams to set up a process for license application and verification that works specifically for their company.

We know that every company is different and has its own unique set of requirements when it comes to license management. That’s why Certemy offers customizable workflows that enable companies to tailor their license management process?allowing them to manage and verify licenses and certifications as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Certemy is a leader in license and certification verification, providing automated primary source verification and configurable workflows to streamline the process of verifying employee licenses and certifications. With Certemy, companies are able to save time, reduce risk, and maximize team productivity?all while remaining compliant with existing state and federal regulations.


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