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The safety of cancer patients depends upon the nurses caring for them. It is essential that any cancer nurse caring for these vulnerable patients has the appropriate qualifications, training, and certifications before practicing. With an automated license verification system, it creates a safe practice environment for cancer patients, their families, and the nurses alike.

Certemy provides the state-of-the-art in automated license verification for nurses that specialize in oncology care. This cutting-edge tool enables employers, health facilities, and educational institutions to quickly and accurately verify licenses and certifications of oncology nurses. It helps to protect nursing professionals and ensure they have active certifications and completed training requirements.

License Verification Technology

Certemy offers a comprehensive solution for license verification. This cloud-based system of record for health care, facilities, and educational institutions, gives complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program. It is as an efficient, economical, and integrated system that ensures compliance.

The system automates tracking and management of oncology nurse certifications and credentials across multiple health care disciplines. This ensures that the certifications remain valid and current, as well as tracking any sanctions or other disciplinary actions. This helps to protect nurses, employers, and patients alike.

In addition to oncology nurse cousins, the system can also track C (Certified Nursing Aide), Clinical Nurse, RN (Registered Nurse), and LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) credentials. It is easily customized to the needs of the impactful organization.

Benefits of Automatic License Verification

Certemys automated license verification technology helps employers and health care facilities save time and manage risk. With real-time tracking of nurse credentials and licenses in one system of record, it is easier to access them while improving team productivity and visibility across the entire organization.

The system offers pre-built workflows for license application processes that are customizable to match the needs of the organization. This ensures an efficient and streamlined process for license tracking and verification.

It also leverages the latest technology, including machine learning and biometrics, to quickly validate nurse credentials. The system provides data-driven insights for identifying trends and ensuring accuracy and security of the process.

Enhanced Safety for Health Care Professionals and Patients

The automated license verification system from Certemy helps to ensure the safety of oncology nurses and patients. It validates that oncology nurses have the appropriate certifications and credentials to practice safely and confidently, while providing peace of mind of the nurses employers and those they serve are protected.

The system provides a comprehensive tracking and verification process that is reliable, secure, and efficient. It is an essential tool for health care organizations the maintenance of compliant and safe practice environment.


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