CE Marketplace for Education Providers

Participate in Certemy-powered CE Marketplaces to increase product awareness, grow sales, reduce customer acquisition costs, and drive more repeat visits and purchases.

CE Marketplace Software

The CE Marketplace is an upgrade to our board customers’ Certemy-powered certification management platform. The marketplace lets boards map your products to their CE requirements. Once mapped, Certemy automatically presents your products to professionals whenever they need them to complete CE requirements.

Solution and Benefits

Check out the following benefits for education providers.

Increase awareness of your products and services

  • Map your products to each board's CE requirements.

  • Let Certemy present your products to professionals precisely when they need them to complete a credential requirement.

  • Allow Certemy to click professionals from the marketplace directly to the specific product page for your mapped product.

  • Get your products in front of potential customers when they need you most.

Grow sales

  • Let the marketplace drive professionals to specific product pages on your website so they can complete their purchase of your product.

  • Generate exposure to your CE offerings individually, so you get more conversions and sales versus boards that simply link to your home page or a catalog and leave the professional to find what they need.

Reduce your customer acquisition costs

  • The marketplace provides a pay-for-performance model where you only pay for sales.

  • Our referral tracker provides real-time reporting of every marketplace referral to your website — plus all subsequent page views and purchases made by each referred professional.

  • Your report includes page URLs and timestamps so you can reconcile our report data with your website tracking data.

  • Transform your customer acquisition from a high-risk marketing expense with uncertain ROI to a risk-free cost of sales with a guaranteed ROI.

Drive repeat visits and sales

  • The marketplace continuously presents your products to professionals through regularly scheduled notifications and reminders — with one-click access to your product pages — until they have completed all their CE requirements.

See It in Action

Watch this short video to see how the marketplace drives professionals to your product pages when they are most likely to buy.


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