License Verification Tool | BS- Bachelor of Science with Nursing Major

Whether a business operates in a non-medical or medical field, accurate and sustainable tracking of license and certification credentials held by employees is critical for meeting regulatory requirements and fostering a safe and compliant working environment. Certemy, a leader in license Verification and streamlined occupational license tracking, offers an automated primary source verification system that allows employers to stay ahead of regulatory Compliance and provide complete visibility into their workforce.

Certemy?s innovative primary source verification system allows employers to track and manage licenses and certifications with reliability and accuracy. Elementally, the system has the ability to actively monitor the status of license renewal for many types of professions across all states. Employers will also gain insight into any constraints or disciplinary actions related to an employee’s license. This type of comprehensive tracking is available to employers at the state-level or across the entire organization.

One of the features of the Certemy system is that it enables organizations to automate the entire process of gathering required documentation and verifying accuracy of credentials ? something that can be especially burdensome for occupations that require complex or timely filing and renewals, such as nursing credentials. Employers can also benefit from the system?s real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials allowing them to take a proactive approach to workforce compliance.

In addition, the system provides pre-built workflows to help streamline the collection and regular verification of licenses and certifications. These workflows are configurable to help employers to quickly respond to any changes in regulations or rules that pertain to a particular job role. These workflows offer a faster and more efficient way to keep track of the license and certification credentials of a workforce.

Often, human resource departments must manually track employee license and certification credentials, significantly reducing operational efficiency and effectively hindering compliance. This can occur in non-medical fields, such as retail, social services, or hospitality, where certain licenses and certifications must be maintained up-to-date. With Certemy?s comprehensive license verification solution, compliance teams can easily monitor the status of their employees? licensing information.

For medical professionals, a Credentialing Verification Organization must serve as an initial source for license verification. With Certemy’s credentials management system, businesses that employ nurses or medical staff are able to ensure that their employees maintain the necessary licensure and certification requirements. This is especially important given the short timeline for medical credentialing.

Overall, Certemy?s comprehensive license verification solution streamlines the process by which employers are able to ensure the qualifications of their employees. The system offers a fully configurable and automated platform to both track and manage the credentials of employees. It allows human resources departments to be ahead of any regulatory compliance changes while providing complete visibility and control of their workforce?s compliance program.


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