Affordable, configurable software for professional certification, occupational licensing & employee compliance

For boards, associations, regulators, and employers seeking to improve efficiency while reducing IT costs

Certemy credentialing and compliance management SaaS software platform for professional boards, associations, and employers of credentialed professionals.

What is Certemy?

Certemy is the most affordable and configurable SaaS platform for professional certification management, occupational licensing management, and employee compliance management.

Unlike custom solutions that are expensive to own and difficult to change, Certemy enables rapid and continuous process improvement at an affordable cost.

What We Do

We automate workflows and centralize related data and documents for professional certification boards, associations, state licensing boards, national regulatory bodies, and employers of credentialed professionals.

How We Help

We help our customers become more efficient, transparent, and agile, while reducing costs. Our customers can reduce their administrative burdens and IT costs by 50% or more while maintaining or growing revenues.

How We Are Different

We cost significantly less than other solutions and do not charge implementation or change fees. Board staff can add or change credentialing and compliance workflows in minutes without custom programming or IT help. We are founded and staffed by industry experts.

What Problems Can We Solve for You?

Here are some of the problems Certemy can solve for professional credentialing organizations.

Expensive and labor-intensive to process paper-based applications and renewals.

Too much paperwork, phone calls, faxes, and email.

Data errors when manually rekeying paper applications.

Takes too long and costs too much to modify application or renewal requirements.

Professionals forget to renew, leading to low renewal rates.

Hard to keep professionals on time and on track, leading to low completion rates.

Difficult to collect application and renewal fees.

Difficult for staff and professionals to track and manage paper documents.

Difficult for professionals to track education transcripts.

Hard for professionals to find approved continuing education products to satisfy education requirements.

Difficult to prioritize and review submissions.

Poor visibility of overall compliance and at-risk professionals.

Poor visibility of test registration status and scores.

Takes too long to print and mail certificates.

Hard to maintain a real-time, public-facing professional registry.

Hard to share certification data and documents with other systems.

Professionals cannot manage their certifications on their mobile devices.

Expensive and risky to manage private servers and keep data secure from hackers.

Hard to stay compliant with required data privacy and protection regulations.

What Customers Say

Certemy lets us process thousands of applications each month with much greater efficiency and far less paper than ever before.

Pete Nielsen, CEO

California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP)

Why Choose Certemy?

Here are some of the reasons customers choose Certemy over other credentialing and compliance management solutions.

Instantly Configurable

Let staff automate complex workflows in hours, and change them in minutes, without programming. Keep your system current and relevant to your business needs without large IT staffs and expensive change orders.

Lowest Cost of Ownership

One predictable, affordable annual fee. No implementation or change fees. Setup, training, support, updates, and unlimited document storage all included.

Industry Expertise

Certemy was founded by industry experts. Our staff and advisors have decades of experience in your industry and help us ensure that our products address your specific business needs and pain points. An active member of the credentialing community, Certemy is a proud member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE), the Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR), and the Association of Test Publishers (ATP).

Fastest to Implement and Change

Implement Certemy in as little as 30 days. Once live, change anything in minutes without programming or IT help.

Easiest to Learn and Use

Let professionals manage their credentialing and compliance requirements on any device. Let board staff use equally simple screens for managing, reviewing, auditing, and analyzing your credentialing and compliance programs.

Easiest to Integrate

Integrate with your existing website, core business systems, including LMS, AMS, testing, and HRIS systems, and key business partners.

Proven Return on Investment (ROI)

Certemy customers have cut admin costs by 50% by dramatically reducing paper handling, phone calls and emails. Customers also enjoy higher completion and retention rates.

Most Secure

Store your data in the cloud with the strictest security and encryption available.

Our Ecosystem Mission

Our mission is to automate core business processes and integrate key stakeholders across the credentialing and compliance ecosystem for every industry that employs credentialed professionals.

Certemy credentialing and compliance ecosysyem diagram

Our Holistic Approach

Provide best-in-class, event-driven workflow to automate your credentialing and compliance programs. Centralize related data and documents. Integrate seamlessly with your website, core systems, and business partners.

Our instant configuration features let business users automate complex workflows in hours and change them in minutes, without custom programming or IT help. Use easily configurable building blocks for common credentialing and compliance tasks, including application forms, payments, document submissions, assessments, testing, continuing education tracking, work experience logging, verification checks, and more.


Use event-driven workflows to model and automate end-to-end business processes.


Manage all related data and documents in one central repository where everything is easy to find and share.


Integrate Certemy with your website, other internal systems, and external platforms for testing, learning management, and more.

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