License Tracking with Reports & Dashboards

Visualize compliance with occupational and facility licenses, certifications, permits, and other credentials across your organization at a glance.

Certification and License tracking dashboards and reports are an essential tool for organizations to efficiently and effectively track the credentials of their employees and facilities and identify potential issues before they happen.

Complete visibility and control of your workforce compliance program. Automatically track and manage licenses and certifications with primary source verification.

Managing Compliance

One Complete Solution

Certemy offers complete support across your licensing and certifications requirements. View the product features below for additional information regarding specific modules. 

Track Compliance with Dashboard & Reports

Visualize compliance with occupational and facility licenses, certifications, permits across your organization.

Primary Source Verification for Compliance

Automated primary source verification validates occupational licenses and certifications.

Automated License Tracking & Management

Configurable workflows ensure compliance by standardizing how licenses are obtained and renewed.

Integrations and SSO

HRIS and Single Sign On Integrations prevent the need for duplicate entries and multiple logins.

Document Compliance

Centralized system of record to document compliance across licenses, certifications, facility permits.

Your Compliance Platform

From logos to labels, Certemy platform can be configured to look and feel like an extension of your organization.

What Our Customers Have To Say

Learn why customers love the features and convenience of Certemy.

    Mara Rapant
    Mara Rapant

    Director Clinical Operations

    Since adopting Certemy, we have been able to improve operational efficiencies, save time and resources as well as increase access to behavioral health care and revenue by more easily cross licensing therapists into new states. Certemy has by far exceeded our expectations.

      Allie Allison
      Allie Allison

      Executive Director

      When we were thinking of credentialing automation, Certemy was by far the most user-friendly tool. At the end of the day, Certemy was the easiest to use for knowing what credentials are held.

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