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As organizations continue to expand and hire employees from various backgrounds and professions, hiring managers must perform due diligence to ensure that the workforce is adequately licensed and qualified for their job positions. Healthcare, law enforcement, construction, real estate, banking, and many other personnel must possess proper licensing for their profession, and it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that each employees credentials are up to date. Most of the time, this verification process is manual, time consuming, and susceptible to human errors. Such mundane tasks can prove to be a burden for HR personnel.

In order to ease up the recruitment process, Certemy is a remarkably efficient license verification platform that allows employers to have complete control and visibility over their compliance program. By harnessing the efficacy of automated tracking and primary source verification, employers can stay one step ahead of any regulatory requirements and guarantee that their personnel possess valid and appropriate certifications for their roles.

What Does Certemy Verify?

Certemy offers verification for a number of different license and certification types, including medical, legal, and construction. For instance, Certemys system of record can track and verify medical licenses for doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, dentist hygienists, and other healthcare providers. All medical professionals who possess a valid and up-to-date license for their profession can be verified through Certemy. Similarly, Certemy can also track and verify legal practice licenses for attorneys, paralegals, and other law enforcement officers, as well as validation of construction worker certifications.

How Does Certemy Verify Licenses?

Certemy uses primary source verification to ensure the validity of licenses and certifications. Primary source verification refers to a verification process where a credentialing organization checks all documents related to a license or certification with the issuing licensing authority to determine its legitimacy. This process guarantees that all certifications ascertained by Certemy are authentic and up-to-date with the regulatory authorities. Certemy pulls this information from primary sources, such as government resources, to make sure that all its users have the most reliable and accurate license verification process.

How Does Certemy Help Employers With License Verification?

Certemy makes license verification easier and faster for employers. With its automated license tracking and primary source verification, employers are instantly kept abreast of any regulatory requirements and can ensure that their personnel possess legitimate certifications. This allows them to focus more on the recruitment process, instead of being bogged down with mundane compliance tasks.

Certemy also offers pre-built workflows that employers can configure and customize according to their needs. This makes license tracking and application processes seamless. Furthermore, with its real-time tracking system, employers can track license and certifications of all their personnel, making their compliance program more efficient and cohesive across the organization.

Key point

Given the complexities of manual license and certification verification, Certemy offers the perfect solution for HR personnel and employers. Through its automated tracking, primary source verification, and pre-built workflows, it is easy to see why Certemy is a sought-after license verification platform. Not only does it make the process easier and quicker for employers, but it also ensures that their organization remains in compliance with any regulatory requirements.


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