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Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) represent the front line of medical care for ambulatory services around the world. The role is a unique blend of medical and ethical expertise, where providing quality health care is paramount. To ensure EMTs possess the prescribed skills and knowledge to deliver competent health care, regulatory standards require EMTs to hold and maintain valid and up-to-date licenses. As stringent requirements are in place, HR operations professional must ensure EMTs meet license eligibility conditions for medical practice in the US, with the need for qualified compliance solutions that offer comprehensive and automated license verification. Certemy is a leading, cloud-based license verification platform that offers EMTs and HR operations professionals a comprehensive app-driven service to maintain valid and up-to-date licensing credentials.

The Need for License Verification

The importance of license verification is highlighted by the vast size of the ambulance service industry in the US alone, with over 25,000 subsidiaries, public safety agencies, and private providers of emergency medical services. Over 70% of these services are staffed by EMTs who typically work in both pre-hospital and hospital-based settings. It is crucial that these emergency medical professionals have all the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their roles. In keeping with regulatory standards, EMTs must hold and maintain valid and up-to-date licenses. This requires compliance teams to possess resources that can quickly and accurately verify EMT credentials.

Risks of Non-Compliance

The lack of an effective verification tool could lead to significant risks. Current and future liabilities need to be assessed prior to hiring EMTs, and any lapses in the necessary eligibility requirements to practice could have costly implications. This could include a high financial penalty for non-compliance with EMS regulations, a tarnished corporate image, legal action taken by individuals, or even criminal charges. Furthermore, the reputation and efficacy of the institution could be adversely impacted.

The Benefits of Certemy

Certemy provides an automated license verification process that verifies occupational licenses and certifications as well as other credentials for EMTs and other healthcare professionals. This systematic process, powered by automated primary source verification, helps maintain accuracy and accountability. It iswiftly confirms that licenses are active and up-to-date, with no disciplinary action imposed on the EMTs, which in turn helps organizations protect their corporate image and reputation. In addition to providing automated primary source verification, Certemy helps organizations save time and money and mitigates risk.

Certemys system of record serves as the central hub to store, track, and manage licensed professional credentials in real-time. This allows organizations to stay ahead of regulatory requirements as well as quickly update existing documents, or abolish outdated ones. Moreover, the platform’s customizable workflows ensure speed and accuracy in the license application process.

To summarize

Given the complex landscape of licensing regulations, verification tools have become an invaluable asset for organizations. With effective solutions like Certemy, EMTs and HR operations professionals can meet regulatory standards and ensure they have valid and up-to-date license credentials. This comprehensive license verification system helps organizations save time, protect their corporate image, and reduce operational risk associated with non-compliance.


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