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A Diabetes Clinical Nurse Specialist (DCNS) plays an integral role in helping to promote the overall health of patients suffering from diabetes. Specialists work closely with physicians and patients to give proper guidance in managing diabetes and providing education about the importance of lifestyle modifications and medication management. In addition, DCNS? provide counseling services to increase patient understanding and self-management. As such, DCNS? must have proper licenses and certifications within the US to practice.

For employers looking to hire a DCNS, verifying their professional licensure and certifications using a license verification tool is essential to ensure they meet minimum qualifications and are up-to-date with the latest regulations. This verification verifies if and how long an applicant has held certain license or certifications as well as if restrictions or actions are listed against them.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the DCNS profession is projected to grow as much as 26 percent between 2019 and 2029. This means that employers may be met with more applicants who have valid licensure to work as DCNS workers. Automatically tracking and managing licenses and certifications is essential to maximize the amount of time managers can utilize to find candidates and reduced time wasted on stale records and unqualified candidates.

The list below details why a license verification tool is beneficial for companies hiring DCNS?:

Automate License Applications

Using an automated license application system in a verification tool, employers can save time by easily tracking license expirations and utilizing pre-built workflows to apply for license renewals. Often, the process of applying for renewals is manual and tedious, leading to a waste of time. Automation allows the process to occur quickly and even schedule renewals ahead of time, ensuring that licensure remains active and that organizations are prepared to meet compliance standards.

Improve Visibility and Control

A license verification tool provides visibility and control into the employee compliance program. With the tracking mechanism of the tool, employers can easily see the status of license activations and expiration dates. Additionally, this implementation increases the accuracy of license measurements, eliminates manual records, and ensures that companies are kept updated on multiple requirements.

Prevent Poor Hire Decisions

Poor hire decisions are a potential risk with any new hire. This risk is especially dangerous with a position like DCNS, where licensure and certifications are a must. A license verification tool helps mitigate any risk of hiring an unqualified candidate by performing primary source verification. This means that employers can trust organizations to which the candidate has been associated, rather than having to manually check records themselves.

Save Money and Resources

The cost of hiring additional Human Resource staff can be expensive, especially if that staff is specialized to handle the unique requirements of license verification. A license verification tool can save the organization money and resources by eliminating the need for additional staff. This also ensures that companies are in compliance and eliminates the need to pay costly fines for failing to follow regulations.



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