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As it becomes ever-increasingly important for organizations to be compliant not only with industry and regulatory standards, but also with the occupational licenses and certifications of their workforce, license verification procedures have become a primary focus of Human Resources (HR). HR teams must remain ahead of the game in verifying employee credentials to maintain compliance requirements, as credentialing errors can come with hefty fines. Organizations must invest in effective license verification programs to automate tracking and primary source verification.

Nurse Practitioner (NP) license verification is just one example of an occupation-specific license that needs to be monitored and tracked in order to remain compliant in an ever-shifting occupational landscape. Certified Nurse Practitioners are licensed and regulated by state departments of health, and their credentials must be in active standing in order for their services to be accepted by clients and employers. With the growing demand for NP services in the US, organizations should strive to create efficient license verification programs and processes to ensure credentialing accuracy.

For HR teams, the task of validating employee credentials can be daunting. Not only do HR personnel have to ensure proper followup and supervision of the license application process, but also actively track and monitor the results. In the case of the license-based occupations, such as NP, the complexity of the process is heightened due to the number of applications and expiration dates that must be managed.

Luckily, with the emergence of automated license verification software, the HR process can be significantly streamlined. License verification tools, such as Certemy, offer a range of solutions for organizations to confirm that their employees are credentialed appropriately and in keeping with regulatory compliance. Certemy, a license verification tool, leverages automated primary source verification services to validate occupational licenses and certifications, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization.

Certemys license verification system offers real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record, improving team productivity and offering visibility across the entire organization. The software ensures that an organization is in compliance with its regulatory requirements, mitigating the risk of fines due to credentials not properly validated.

In addition, Certemys pre-built workflows are fully configurable and can even be applied to the license application process, ensuring that the time-consuming review process is automated. With automations like Certemy, the HR process for verifying employee credentials is significantly less time-consuming, allowing for greater overall resource utilization.

The importance of creating and maintaining an effective license verification program cannot be overlooked. To remain compliant, organizations must invest in credentialing solutions that are up-to-date and automatized. Certified Nurse Practitioners and other license-based occupations require that their credentials are regularly monitored in order to remain in active, renewable standing; automated license verification solutions like Certemy can significantly help streamline the HR operations process and alleviate the cumbersome task of credentialing verification.


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