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Human Resource Operations play an essential role in most companies today. Ensuring compliance across the entire workforce is critical in efficiently managing employee license verification, certifications, and a host of other regulatory requirements. Certemy offers a comprehensive and advanced automated system to help HR personnel meet the demands of compliance and improve team productivity.

Certemy is a leader in license verification. With its advanced primary source verification, Certemy verifies employees occupational licenses and certifications are in good standing with the issuing board. This automated system ensures employee certifications and licenses are valid, updated and free from disciplinary action. Certemy also offers real-time tracking and an easy to use system for license applications, saving time and mitigating risk.

Certemy provides a transparent view into the workforce with a single system of record. HR personnel gain improved visibility and more control across the organization, giving them the confidence and security that their license and credential tracking is consistently enforced. The preconfigured workflows provided by Certemy are configurable to fit individual needs and can be adjusted to the ever-changing regulatory climate.

For larger organizations, Certemys services can be fully integrated into an employee database. This allows HR personnel to view employee records and licenses all in one location. An automated notification system can even alert HR when certain credentials or licenses need to be updated or renewed. Certemy also provides customizable reports to give managers an overview of their entire workforce.

Certemy has developed a reputation as one of the most reliable compliance solutions available in the US today. Its automated license tracking and primary source verification service offer significant benefits for human resource operations. From improved team productivity to automated license application, Certemy provides an affordable and reliable solution for compliance and license verification.


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