License Verification Tool | Advanced Diabetes Management (specialty certification, retired exam)

Having the right healthcare professionals on staff is essential for high-quality patient care. To make sure healthcare workers have the specialized skills necessary to provide quality treatments, they must often acquire specialty certifications. Unfortunately, verifying specialized certification documents can be time-consuming and inefficient. Fortunately, there?s a way to make sure your healthcare workers are certified to provide quality treatments?through primary source Verification.

What is Primary Source Verification?

Primary source verification (PSV) is the process of verifying credentials directly from the source. This means verifying that a healthcare or educational credential was issued by the original certifying body and that all information on the certificate is legitimate. PSV also includes confirming that the recipient is in good standing with the certifying body.

PSV is the gold standard of credential verification and It is a critical part of managing an effective healthcare workforce. When you manually verify employee credentials, you are relying on one source?the certificate. With PSV, you are checking the certificate against multiple databases, ensuring accuracy and thoroughness.

Why is PSV Important for Certified Diabetes Management Professionals?

Advanced diabetes management is an area of specialization that requires specialized knowledge and skills. Being certified in diabetes management confirms that the healthcare provider has the necessary qualifications and is current on industry standards of care.

Most organizations require diabetes management certification applicants to provide proof of certification by submitting their credentials for primary source verification. By using PSV, organizations can ensure that certification is valid and in Compliance with the standards of care.

PSV also helps protect against fraud and helps protect healthcare workers from fraudulent providers. This is important because diabetes management can be a difficult field to navigate. Having PSV in place helps protect healthcare workers who are certified in the field and ensures they only receive treatments from other healthcare professionals who are equally certified in diabetes management.

How to Use PSV for Diabetes Management

To effectively use PSV in diabetes management credentials, organizations need to partner with a credible credential verification service. Automated primary source verification systems offer numerous advantages, including continuous monitoring and instant notifications of changes to a healthcare worker?s certificate.

These services also offer a centralized view of credentials, providing employers with a single portal for verifying certificates. This helps employers stay on top of their compliance obligations, while also readily accessing the necessary documents when needed.

In addition, automated PSV systems are designed to be user-friendly and provide a customizable interface. This helps employers easily evaluate and process diabetes management credentials in a timely and efficient manner.


Primary source verification is an essential part of maintaining an effective healthcare workforce. It is especially important for diabetes management, as certification is required to provide treatments in this field. Automated PSV systems make it easy to maintain compliance and protect both employers and healthcare workers from fraudulent information or practices.


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