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Accurate and up-to-date licensure information is essential to ensure the safety of patients and staff, meet compliance standards, and ensure the best healthcare outcomes. Employers must collect and renew licensure and certification for each employee at regular intervals to maintain compliance with state and federal regulations. In the highly regulated healthcare sector, employee credentials must also be kept up-to-date so that HR teams can easily manage their labor force compliance programs without having to devote additional time and resources to tracking and verifying each employees credentials.

Certemy is an automated primary source verification system that validates licensure and certification of healthcare workers across the US. It ensures that employee credentials are accurate and current, and free of any disciplinary actions. The platform offers a single system of record to easily track and manage employee licenses and credentials in real-time. It also provides pre-built workflows to streamline license application processes and leverage greater insights into the work force compliance programs.

Certemys licensure verification system is used by some of the largest healthcare organizations and employers in the US. It is designed to save compliance leads time and effort in tracking and verifying each employees licensure status, as well as ensuring that each employee is meeting the required standards. By leveraging Certemy, healthcare organizations can remain ahead of state and federal regulations, provide a higher quality of patient care, and improve staff utilization.

Certemys licensure verification system provides complete transparency, allowing compliance leads to easily manage the entire labor force compliance program and stay on top of any changes in employee credentials. It also offers automated tracking of employee licenses and credentialing in one system of record. Not only does this eliminate tedious manual data entry, it helps ensure accuracy in each step of the process, from entering data to verifying licensure.

Certemys licensure verification system also provides insight into compliance programs, making it easier for employers to keep track of employee licenses and certifications. The platform also offers an intuitive user-interface that allows employers to manage staff compliance programs seamlessly. It is easy to create custom alerts when certain criteria are met, giving employers peace of mind that their programs are up-to-date and compliant.

By incorporating Certemys licensure verification system into any organizations health care compliance program, employers can ensure that each employee is properly credentialed and certified to provide care. This will lead to improved patient care, as well as an overall improvement in staff utilization and compliance levels. With Certemy, healthcare organizations can save time and money in managing their labor force compliance programs, while still meeting state and federal regulations.


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