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The health care industry is governed by a wide variety of regulations and laws that require individuals in certain roles to hold professional certificates or licenses. Managing the various licenses, certifications, and credentials of your organizations employees is a challenging but necessary task, but Certemy provides a powerful and efficient solution for certifying Health Service Administrators.

Certemy helps health care organizations take control of their Compliance by automatically tracking and verifying the professional licenses and credentials of their employees. By leveraging Certemys automated primary source Verification system, employers can ensure that each employee is appropriately licensed and up-to-date on their credentials, while staying ahead of any regulatory changes or restrictions.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of utilizing Certemys license verification system to validate Health Service Administrators. We will also explain how to easily set up and configure Certemy to manage license and certification compliance in the health care field.

What is a Health Service Administrator?

A Health Service Administrator (HSA) is a professional responsible for the organization, management, and coordination of the personnel, procedures, and operations in a health care facility. The specific responsibilities of an HSA will vary from organization to organization, but they can include: establishing systems and performance standards for medical staff, developing policies and procedures for medical records administration, advising physicians and staff, and monitoring changes in medical trends.

HSAs need to be certified and licensed to practice in health care. Different states and countries have different licensing and certification requirements, and these can often vary greatly from one jurisdiction to another. Depending on the size of the health care facility and the scope of services offered, a Health Service Administrator may need to hold more than one type of license or certification.

Why Should My Health Care Organization Utilize Certemy?

Certemy is an industry-leading license verification solution that helps employers keep up with changes in license and certification requirements. With Certemy, employers have access to a comprehensive system of primary source verification that enables them to easily verify whether or not their employees meet legal requirements.

Certemy also provides automated tracking and management of employee licenses and credentials. This enables employers to monitor changes in medical personnel credentials with ease, ensuring that only the most qualified people are working in their health care facilities.

Finally, Certemy also offers pre-built workflows and processes that are easily configurable, allowing employers to automate license application processes and increase staff utilization. This means employers can easily comply with regulations and stay up-to-date on their compliance efforts.

How Do I Set Up Certemy To Manage my HSA Licensing and Certification?

Certemys license verification solution is easy to set up and configure. If you are an employer in the health care field, you can get started with Certemy right away. Here are the steps you need to take to get started:

1. Create an account. Sign up at and create a secure account.

2. Input employee information. Enter your employees’ details into Certemy, including any current licenses and credentials they possess.

3. Verify licenses and credentials. Verify the accuracy of each of your employees’ professional licenses and certifications with Certemys primary source verification system.

4. Set up automated tracking. Set up automated tracking of your employees’ credentials, so that you can monitor changes and stay up-to-date.

5. Configure workflows. Leverage Certemys pre-built workflows and processes to configure and automate license application processes.

With Certemy, employers in the health care field can easily manage license and certification compliance for their Health Service Administrators. By leveraging Certemys automated primary source verification system, employers can ensure that each employee is appropriately licensed and up-to-date on their credentials, while staying ahead of any regulatory changes or restrictions.


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