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When it comes to maintaining compliance in an organization, accurate and up-to-date employee credentials and licenses are a key factor in the workflow. It is important to verify that each employee has the appropriate licenses and certifications, and that they remain valid and current. Human resources operations and compliance personnel are responsible for validating credentials, licenses, and certifications up-to-date and in good standing. In order to streamline and ensure accuracy, organizations are turning to automated software solutions to manage license verification.

Licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) must possess and maintain certain state or national certifications. Many state boards now require employment screening and background verification, as well as primary source verification of each credential. LVN license verification tools allow organizations to instantly validate an employees professional credentials for compliance.

The Benefits of Automated Licensing Verification Tools

Utilizing an automated license verification system saves organizations time and resources, allowing staff to spend their time on more value-added activities. Automated Software as a Service (SaaS) license verification tools offer HR departments and compliance managers the ability to develop workflows for tracking and managing the required documents.

Organizations are able to track all employee licenses automatically, giving them full visibility into the status of their credentials. Organizations also benefit from accuracy, as automated license verification tools allow licensed professionals to submit and track credentials in ?real-time?. Automated tools monitor for expiration dates, keeping compliance in check at all times. Furthermore, these tools work to mitigate risk, reducing liabilities and protecting organizations from costly government fines.

Licensing Verification Tools with Certemy

Certemy is a leader in the licensing verification field. Certemy offers an automated primary source verification which validates occupational licenses and certifications across the entire organization. This tool provides organizations with visibility and control of their workforce compliance program, as well as pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate processes.

Certemy provides comprehensive license tracking and validation reports in one simple, user-friendly system. With Certemys real-time tracking feature, organizations are able to monitor employee credentials, providing detailed analytics so staff is aware of any expirations.

The Future of Compliance and Licensing Verification

Organizations are now recognizing the importance of license verification tools to streamline their compliance processes. Automating the license verification process simplifies the process and saves time and resources, while also ensuring compliance is maintained more effectively.

Certemy has been helping organizations manage their licensing verification needs for years. Organizations can now trust their compliance program to a system that is designed to reduce risk, improve staff utilization, and keep operations running smoothly.


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