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Credentialing and certifying nurses for professional development is a critical component of Todays healthcare system. Ensuring that nurses have the necessary qualifications to perform their job is essential to patient safety, and is the responsibility of healthcare organizations. Validation of credentials via primary source verification is a complex process and can be both time consuming and costly. The use of automated primary source verification techniques can be used to streamline and simplify this process.

Primary source verification is a process in which healthcare providers, organizations, and licensing boards check a nurse?s credentials against those held in the registry of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN). This process is conducted to ensure that the qualifications and experience held by the individual meet the regulations that have been set out by the NCSBN. When checking the credentials, organizations must also consider any additional requirements and qualifications that the individual may need to practice.

Certemy is a leader in license verification and is used by some of the largest US employers. It automates the process of primary source verification, enabling organizations to ensure that their nurses are properly certified and qualified. With Certemy, compliance teams can easily track and manage employee licenses and certifications with primary source verification. In addition, the system can also address any regulatory compliance issues and provide visibility across the organization to help optimize staff utilization.

Certemy offers a suite of pre-built workflows which can be configured to automate the license application process. The system tracks real-time employee licenses and credentials in one system of record to ensure that the information held is up to date. By automating primary source verification, Certemy can help to reduce the time and effort associated with keeping nurse credentials up to date.

In addition to streamlining the credentialing process, Certemy can help to ensure the accuracy of documentation. By automating the primary source verification process, healthcare organizations can reduce the risk of errors due to incorrect information. This can help to ensure that nurses are properly qualified and certified for their role.

By centralizing the process of primary source verification, Certemy can help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of license application processes. This can lead to improved patient safety, along with cost savings in time and resources. Automatically tracking and managing licenses and credentials with primary source verification can also help healthcare organizations stay ahead of any regulatory compliance issues that may arise.


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