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At its core, professional certification verification has long been viewed as an arduous task of gleaning information from multiple sources to ensure status and compliance. Employers and employee licensing boards rely on accurate compliance data, or face the potential of severe penalties. For example, medical professionals need to maintain up-to-date certifications and licenses to practice, and employers must make sure that clinicians, nurses, and other support staff meet state and federal guidelines before they are employed or allowed to practice.

Many employers have historically relied on a manual verification process. This includes tasks like reaching out to the state boards of professions, agencies of higher education, or credentialing organizations. This can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, and organizations are now turning to automated primary source verification systems to streamline and enhance their existing licensing and certification processes.

Certemy is a leader in license verification with an automated primary source verification system. Automated license tracking offers organizations real-time updates, complete visibility, and control of their compliance programs. It enables employers to stay ahead of regulations, and to improve staff utilization with automated license tracking, ensuring they are up to date. Furthermore, Certemy offers pre-built workflows and configurable automated license application processes, providing organizations with a one-stop shop to maintain employee certifications and licenses.

Certify has helped many of the largest US employers save time while mitigating risk with its primary source verification. In addition, its automated system serves to ensure that employees are actively renewed and free of any disciplinary action. For example, Certified Wound Care Nurses are certified in wound nursing, maintenance, and wound healing, and the Certify primary source verification help employers verify if they are staying current with their certifications and licenses.

Thanks to the automated primary source verification system provided by Certemy, organizations have a user-friendly platform to easily configure automated license applications, saving businesses time, money, and mitigating risk along the way. The process also helps government authorities and organizations stay compliant with regulations and standards with up-to-date certifications for medical professionals.

Overall, primary source verification is becoming increasingly important as it offers organizations the ability to accurately track employee certifications and be proactive in so far as staying up to date with their license and certification status, making sure that regulations and standards are complied with.


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