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When it comes to professional certification management, it is essential for organizations to ensure that credentials they provide to their workforce are accurate and up-to-date. Businesses must be able to trust that the credentials have been handed out to qualified individuals and that these credentials continue to remain valid. Automated primary source Verification is a vital part of organizations? Compliance program.

Primary source verification (PSV) is a process of validating licensing information from the issuing authority?s database, with information provided by the individual. It is the most trusted and reliable form of license verification and helps organizations to ensure that their employees have the necessary professional certifications, such as Basic Life Support (BLS). By utilizing PSV, organizations can build effective compliance programs and provide the highest level of assurance to their stakeholders.

PSV automation tools, such as Certemy, provide greater accuracy, efficiency, and visibility for certification tracking and management. Automation tools can reduce the tedious and time-consuming manual data entry and enable organizations to regularly track changes in licensure. Automated tracking and management systems can also provide composite credentials analysis which allows organizations to quickly access and evaluate data from multiple sources for different individuals. This is especially useful for organizations that require a lot of task or skill-based roles.

By automating primary source verification, organizations can significantly reduce the costs involved in credential validation and management. Automated systems are also more secure and reliable than their manual counterparts. Automation can streamline the entire process ? from initial verification, to notification and searchability ? and make the process of primary source verification faster and more efficient. The automation process also helps to ensure that the data sourced from issuing authorities is accurate and up-to-date.

Organizations should also understand that they have a legal responsibility to track and manage their employees? professional credentials. Employers that fail to do so can face serious consequences as they could be held liable in case of negligence or incorrect information. Automation is the most reliable way to ensure the credibility and accuracy of an employees certification. Automated primary source verification systems can provide clear visibility into an employees certification status and reduce the risk of being held liable for employee negligence.

Automated systems not only help organizations track and manage their professional credentials but also enable staff to be more productive. Automation tools provide a single dashboard that allows managers and staff to access and search an employees professional certifications with ease. Automation also enables managers to manage and monitor their staff?s license application processes in real-time, streamlining and speeding up the process. This helps to free up resources and staff time, allowing them to focus on other projects which can help to boost their productivity.

Primary source verification automated tools are becoming an increasingly essential part of compliance programs. By using automated systems, organizations can provide greater assurance that their employees are qualified to carry out specific tasks and have the necessary credentials to do their jobs. Automated PSV tools provide increased security, improved efficiency, and better visibility in license tracking and professional certification management.


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