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With the increasing number of occupations that require a license or certification, staying on top of occupational license compliance can be a daunting task. Manual processes for verifying licenses can be tedious, time consuming, and prone to errors. Yet, failure to do so can put organizations in jeopardy of regulatory fines and sanctions that can greatly impact their day-to-day operations.

Fortunately, organizations have a lifeline to meet their compliance needs: automated primary source license verification. This type of verification offers full visibility and control over a workforce compliance program and can help an organization to systematize the entire compliance process. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of this type of license verification and how it can help organizations save time and mitigate risk of noncompliance.

Time Savings for HR Professionals

For HR professionals managing license compliance, the burden of ensuring employees have up-to-date licenses can be immense. Performing manual verifications can take a significant amount of time, especially if the license is in an out-of-state jurisdiction or if multiple professions are involved.

Automated primary source verification can help alleviate some of this work by streamlining the verification process. Once an organizations staff are set up in the software, it can be used to quickly gather information on each license, run background checks, review expiration dates, and verify that each one is active and in good standing. This one-stop method of verifying multiple licenses at once can save hours of manual work.

Mitigating Risk of Sanctions and Other Disciplinary Actions

The primary risk of noncompliance are sanctions and other disciplinary actions. Accidentally letting an occupational license expire can have far-reaching consequences for organizations. That’s why it is so important to make sure licenses are verified and renewed on a regular basis.

With automated primary source verification, organizations have real-time tracking of all employee licenses and credentials in one system. This allows them to quickly identify employees with expired licenses and take immediate corrective action. In addition, automated workflows flag changes in an employees license status, such as any sanctions or disciplinary actions. This contributes to higher due diligence and decreases the risk of regulatory sanctions.

Improved Visibility, Productivity, and Utilization

Organizations also benefit from automated primary source verification from a visibility standpoint. With this type of software, HR personnel and managers can easily keep track of all their employee license information in one convenient place. This allows organizations to make better management decisions, such as reallocating staff to take on more hours or transferring staff to areas that need additional help.

Automated primary source verification also helps to maximize staff utilization. Managers can quickly and easily find the right staff member for any project based on their level of licensure. This can save time and ensure that all staff are being used in the most efficient and productive manner.

To summarize

In Todays ever-changing regulatory landscape, organizations need to take extra care to ensure their workforce is in compliance at all times. Automated primary source license verification is a great way to simplify and streamline the license renewal process. It reduces the amount of time spent verifying licenses, helps organizations avoid regulatory sanctions, and allows for better visibility and utilization of their staff.


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