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Urologic Registered Nurses (URNs) play an essential role in providing compassionate and quality patient care. Like most medical professionals, they must adhere to a strict set of regulations and licensing requirements to practice. Not only is it necessary to stay up to date on certification and renewals, but also to remain compliant with any state-mandated regulations or credentials. To ensure complete accuracy and visibility across a healthcare organization, it is important to utilize secure systems for verifying those licenses and credentials.

Primary Source Verification of Urologic Registered Nurse

Primary source verification (PSV) is the gold standard for validating the authenticity of licenses and certification credentials. A PSV can determine the accuracy, currency, and source of each credential and is the most reliable way to prove a nurse is qualified to practice in their profession. Municipalities, nursing boards, medical organizations, and other governing bodies have different requirements for URN licensing. This means verification is needed of each license and the state in which it was issued. PSV requires that credentials are verified against the issuing source. There are a number of benefits to performing primary source verification, such as providing evidence to support that a nurse is in full compliance and helping protect a healthcare organization from potential legal and financial liabilities.

Automated Primary Source Verification System

The most efficient way to ensure Urologic Registered Nurse licensure compliance is to implement an automated primary source verification system (APVS). These systems are powered by Certemy, a leading provider of license verification services. This system works by automatically tracking and verifying a nurse’s licenses and credentials in one comprehensive system, giving employers a real-time view of their staff’s compliance status.

The automated verification system saves time and money by streamlining the process. It is designed to be fully configurable, with pre-built workflows to simplify the license application process. This system is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States to save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization.

Stay Up to Date on Urologic Registered Nurse Licensing with Primary Source Verification

Primary source verification is the best way to ensure Urologic Registered Nurse licensing compliance. An automated primary source verification system like Certemy can help employers stay up to date on certification and renewals. This system will streamline license tracking, reduce risk, and improve productivity across the organization. By leveraging the power of a comprehensive system for license verification, employers can be confident that their team is in full compliance with the necessary regulations.


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