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Certified Urologic Nurse Practitioners: Streamlining License Verification with Primary Source Verification

Certified Urologic Nurse Practitioners (CUNPs) are healthcare providers that specialize in the management of diseases of the urinary tract and male reproductive organs. To practice different categories of care, CUNPs must obtain a state-level nursing license in addition to their certification from the American Urological Association (AUA). As a result, organizations hiring CUNPs are tasked with managing the additional step of verifying license renewals with applicable state boards in order to comply with licensure regulations.

To simplify the process of license and credential verification for CUNP staff, many employers utilize a Primary Source Verification (PSV) system. A PSV system is a set of tools that allows employers to automatically track license expiration dates, apply for license renewals, and confirm that personnel are in good standing with the governing boards of the state and specialty. In addition to streamlining the verification process, PSV systems can provide greater visibility into the compliance of the entire organization.

Primary Source Verification Benefits

PSV software platforms provide several key benefits to employers when verifying the license status of CUNP staff. In particular, employers are able to:

Automatically trace and monitor licenses and other credentials with primary source verification.

Stay abreast of regulatory compliance with automated tracking and updates.

Gain the full picture of employee credentials from one central system.

Use pre-built workflows to simplify and streamline license application processes.

For CUNP team members, primary source verification systems offer many advantages. Employees are able to quickly and securely access license and certification records via a secure, web-based portal. Through this portal, they can generate documents to prove their certifications and verify the current status of their license.

Additionally, PSV systems can greatly reduce the amount of paperwork associated with license renewals. Instead of submitting paper forms to the applicable state nursing board, CUNP staff can fill out their renewal requests directly in the PSV system. This alleviates the burden of filling out long and complicated forms on paper.

Organizations Utilizing Primary Source Verification

Due to the many benefits of PSV systems, many large employers are now utilizing them for license and credential verification. For example, Fortune 500 companies, banks, hospitals, and insurance companies use PSV software to ensure compliance with employment and regulatory standards.

Certemy is a leader in PSV technology. Their automated system validates occupational licenses and certifications and produces reliable results through primary source verification. Employers using Certemys platform can gain complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program, as well as apply pre-built workflows to automate license application processes.


A primary source verification system can provide immense benefits to employers of Certified Urologic Nurse Practitioners. By automatically tracking and managing licenses and certifications with primary source verification, employers can stay up-to-date with regulatory compliance and easily monitor the license status of an entire organization. Employees, on the other hand, can benefit from secure access to their license and certification data, as well as simplified license renewal processes. With the aid of a trusted PSV system, employers of CUNPs can rest assured that their compliance program is in good hands.


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