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As an HR professional, It is your responsibility to ensure that the individuals who are eligible for hire or promotion holds all of the required licenses and certifications up-to-date. The Compliance of licenses and certifications should be verified constantly and rechecked in case of any cancellations or revocations.

To lessen the burden of this process, you should use a comprehensive, automated system to track your employees professional licenses and certifications. This is where Certemys license Verification comes in.

Certemy is a user-friendly platform that offers an automated license verification system to confirm that the licenses and certifications of your employees are all actively renewed and free from any form of sanctions or disciplinary actions. Here are some of the features of this system:

Real-Time Tracking

Certemys license verification system gives you and your HR team real-time access to your employees licenses and certifications in one organized and comprehensive system of records. In addition, the system also offers detailed information about each license and certification including expiration dates, license numbers, and status updates.

Automated License Tracking

With Certemy, you can easily track and manage all employee licenses and certifications with its primary source verification system. This system automates the whole process, making it a lot faster and easier to conduct verification, streamlining the workflow process.

Pre-Built Workflows

Certemys primary source system not only simplifies the process of license verification, but it also offers pre-built workflows that are customizable. This enables you to easily integrate the system to your existing HR system. This makes it easier to automate the application process of licenses and certifications for your employees.

Mitigate Risk

The world of human resources is constantly on the move and subject to various external and internal changes. With Certemy, you can be sure that your workforce compliance program is always up-to-date and following the most recent changes. And with the primary source system, you can always check and verify the licenses and certifications of your employees to make sure that they remain compliant.


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