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Compliance is a vital part of doing business. Organizations are obligated to ensure the credentials of their employees are valid and up-to-date when it comes to licensing and certifications. For HR teams, handling credential verifications can be especially labor intensive and time consuming. Managing the process of validating licenses with certification boards is difficult and tedious. Failing to comply can not only impact the organizations reputation, but can also put it at risk of steep financial penalties. In order to simplify the process of license verification and maintain compliance, businesses can turn to certemy.

Certemy is a comprehensive license and certification platform, helping organizations manage their compliance operations in an efficient and accurate manner. Their platform provides a single source of truth for employee credentials, enabling businesses to validate licenses quickly and improve operational stamina. Certemysimplifies organization compliance by automating the manual tasks associated with initial and ongoing credential verifications, over a secure and user-friendly web interface. It offers quick visibility into license validity and close monitoring of employee credentials.

How Certemy Benefits Organizations

Certemy ensures that organizations can keep their compliance operations in check. The platform delivers automated license and certification tracking, allowing organizations to stay up to date with rules and regulations set by governing boards. Certemys primary source verification system eliminates the time consuming process of double checking data and keeps organizations out of potential legal trouble. With certemys intuitive dashboards, teams have full visibility into license renewals and expirations, so they can track employee credentials easily.

Certemy enables organizations to track the chronological order of employee credentialing throughout their careers. The system provides an audit trail of past and current employee credentials. This feature reduces the risk of staff turnover and ensures employees are meeting required regulations. In addition, Certemy provides customized workflows that streamline license application processes. This speeds up the process of credential verification and reduces the number of resources required to manually manage licenses and certifications.

Certemys unique advantage is its comprehensive and secure database of license and certification records that is kept up to date using primary source verification. This protects businesses from the possibility of fraudulent credentials and helps ensure compliance with specific laws and regulations. Certemys platform also helps to minimize the administrative burden of license and certification renewal, allowing HR staff to dedicate more time and resources to other tasks.


Certemys license and certification platform simplifies processes and saves organizations time and resources. Automated license tracking and primary source verification helps organizations stay compliant with credentialing regulations and mitigate the risk of financial penalties. Certemys user-friendly platform helps companies streamline license applications and maintain a secure database of employee credentials. By leveraging Certemys comprehensive credentials tracking, organizations of all sizes can proactively manage their compliance operations.


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