License Verification Tool | Acute/Critical Care Nursing (Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal)

The modern workplace is ever-changing and Compliance standards and laws require organizations to stay current and ahead of accredited standards. License tracking and Verification has become an integral aspect of employeestaffing processes and organizations are now actively taking steps to ensure their workplace is compliant. Certemy is a leader in License Verification with an automated primary source verification system that validates occupational licenses and certifications to provide organizations with the assurance and compliance they need to stay safe from sanctions.

Certemys automated license verification system provides organizations with an extensive primary source verification process that ensures employee compliance across a variety of industries. It is designed to provide businesses with complete visibility and control of their workforce compliance program, tracking and managing licenses and certifications through real-time primary source verification. Certemy helps employers stay up-to-date with regulatory requirements while ensuring employeesecurity and safety.

Organizations that use Certemy can leverage pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate license application processes. This allows for the organization to save time in the process of collecting and verifying employee credentials. Certemy also provides a system of record for tracking licenses and credentials in real-time. This provides employers with increased accuracy, accuracy and an efficient tracking of credentials that was previously unavailable to employers. The system of record also allows for improved team productivity, visibility across the organization, and improved communication.

The Certemysystem is designed to help organizations manage employee credentials across a variety of industries from medical care and engineering to legal and accounting practice. The system is able to track and verify different certifications and licenses such as Medical License, Nursing License, Education, Work Authorization, and Professional Credentials. Certemy provides automated primary source verification of any type of license or certification from any issuing authority, making sure that it is active, properly renewed, and free from sanctions or other disciplinary actions.

Certemy also provides customizable dashboards that allow managers to quickly review the details of employee credentials without having to search through multiple systems or programs. Managers can easily keep a record of employee credentials in one place and identify any discrepancies quickly. The dashboard also provides advanced analytics to quickly identify any changes in certification or licensure status.

Certemys system of automation and real-time tracking makes it easier than ever for employers to ensure workplace compliance and mitigate the risk of non-compliance. With robust compliance features and a secure and reliable system of tracking and verifying employee credentials, Certemy makes it easier for employers to make the most of their workforce and maintain compliance.


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