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The healthcare industry, and specifically nursing homes, is subject to a plethora of regulations and compliance requirements. Managing occupational licenses and certifications for employees in this field is a complex undertaking and, if not done properly, can render healthcare facilities vulnerable to significant risk and liability. Remote access to state-level primary source verification systems in order to remain compliant with state regulations, while meeting HIPAA requirements, is crucial.

Certemy, a leader in License Verification, offers an automated primary source verification system that helps nursing homes stay compliant, save time and mitigate risk. Companies like Certemy provide complete visibility and control of workforce compliance programs, as well as automated tracking and management of licenses and certifications with primary source verification.

Staying ahead of regulatory compliance has become easier with automated license tracking and primary source verification tools. These tools provide real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record, and can improve staff productivity and visibility for the entire organization. Pre-built workflows offer further automating of license application processes, saving time and minimizing liability.

Certemys automated system can easily break down and track the hundreds of necessary verifications a nursing home must go through. The system ensures restrictions put in place by primary source verification websIt is can still be maintained, while further enhancing the verifications by having Certemys experts review them in the same timeframe, taking into account any restrictions or policy exemptions that may exist.

Certemys License Verification system can help maintain compliance, not only at the state level, but also with HIPPA, AHCA, and other regulations that ensure patient safety. With Certemy, a nurse practitioner in one state can easily obtain a license in a new state that requires licensure (active, renewed, and free of sanctions, etc.) while remaining compliant with preexisting regulations.

Certemys dashboard-driven audit management system is also beneficial for nursing homes. It provides pertinent details such as license expiration date, education history, and any other indications that require follow up. It improves end-to-end audit processes and, if any issues are found, provides regulatory inspectors the support needed to address those issues.

Additionally, Certemys audit management capabilities provide invaluable insight into the quality of employees, streamlining the process and simplifying it. With automated license tracking, pre-built workflows, and other solutions, Certemy is a must have for all nursing homes.

Certemys comprehensive system of license tracking and primary source verification is the perfect solution for businesses looking to maintain strict compliance with regulatory guidelines, as well as for healthcare providers who require strict auditing processes. By automating the tracking and management of licenses and certifications, Certemy helps ensure that nursing homes are compliant with the latest regulations and protect them from liabilities and their associated risks.


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