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As professional certifications become increasingly prevalent, organizations must keep up with Compliance regulations by verifying that their workforce is licensed and able to operate in foreign markets. While manual license tracking can be time consuming, primary source Verification provides an automated solution that can help organizations reduce risk and improve employee productivity.

Organizations are turning to primary source verification solutions to vet staff and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Primary source verification is a subset of verification services that involves validating the authenticity of a given license or certification by consulting the issuer or similar accredited files. This automated solution helps organizations protect their talent and customers while providing a seamless user experience.

The advantages of primary source verification go beyond reducing risk. The automated processes provided by modern software allow organizations to save time and stay ahead of compliance. Automated tracking systems also provide organizations with real-time visibility into their workforce credentials. This allows them to ensure that their staff is licensed and that their certifications are renewed and up to date.

Another major benefit of primary source verification is access to pre-built workflows. Pre-built workflows are fully configurable and can be tailored to specific requirements such as local and international licensing regulations. Organizations can set their own parameters for determining whether licenses are valid, and also leverage standardized processes to quickly valid or reject a certification.

Certemy is a leader in License Verification, with an automated primary source verification system that identifies and validates licenses and certifications across your employees. This automated accuracy helps organizations maintain control of their compliance program, save time, and improve staff utilization. Organizations also have access to real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in one system of record.

Primary source verification can be an effective risk management tool for organizations of all sizes. It can provide automated accuracy in tracking and validating licenses and certifications, and offers pre-built workflows to quickly validate credentials. Automated license tracking with primary source verification can save time, improve staff utilization, and ensure that organizations stay ahead of regulatory compliance.


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