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Compliance professionals in the US are responsible for tracking and managing the licenses and certifications of their workforce and staying ahead of regulatory compliance. Primary source verification is a critical element in ensuring the accuracy of license validity and status. Certemy is a trusted license verification platform that streamlines the process of confirming employee licenses and certifications through automated primary source verification.

Certemy is a reliable and easy to use tool for licensed workforce management. The automated system scans licenses and verifies accuracy of license renewal and status against real-time sources like state boards and agencies. With PIV enabled integration, Certemy can securely access multiple licenses or certifications from public web sources without detailed credentials. By automatically tracking and verifying employee credentials, Certemy ensures compliance and reduces complexity for HR operations.

The Certemy platform handles the entire license management lifecycle including online license application, workflow automation, and license renewal. It also has built-in reminders with customizable notifications to keep track of upcoming license or certification expirations. This eliminates the need to manually follow up with employees or manager regarding license renewals. Pre-built workflows also make it easy to set up automated license application processes to ensure that all deadlines for state board approvals are met.

Besides verifying licenses, Certemy also helps protect employers from disciplinary actions or other sanctions incurred by workers with invalid licenses. Employers are able to stay ahead of potential lawsuits or fines by running regular primary source verifications of workforce licenses. With real-time tracking of employee credentials, HR operations are able to have greater visibility into the workforce compliance program.

Overall, Certemy offers powerful but automated license verification to help employers comply with industry norms and regulations. The platform helps save time, mitigate risk, and improve staff utilization through pre-built workflows and real-time tracking of employee credentials. With primary source verification, Certemy offers safety and accuracy to help organizations accurately track and manage the licenses and certifications of their workforce.


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