License Verification Tool | Acute/Critical Care Knowledge Professional (Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal)

Working within the human resources department, it is essential that organizations manage and maintain employees? certifications and licenses. Whether the position requires an RN, an electrical engineering registration, critical care experience, travel nurse certification, or any other form of license or certification, it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure accuracy and validity of their employees? credentials.

Not only does accepting falsified credentials put organizations at risk of legal repercussions, but it also opens the door for subpar performance due to mis-hired employees. Balancing Compliance and employee utilization requires a trusty system of license and certification assurance that is both accessible and reliable.

This is where automated primary source Verification comes in. Automated primary source verification helps organizations stay ahead of the game when it comes to workforce compliance, providing them with a comprehensive system to track and manage employee-related credentials, with real-time updates on the status of each and every one of their employees certifications and licenses.

What Is Automated Primary Source Verification?

Automated primary source verification is a state-of-the-art system that validates occupational credentials with primary source data verification. With automated primary source verification, the entire process of managing employees? credentials is streamlined for maximum efficiency and accuracy.

This system collects all relevant information from reliable sources, and allows organizations to easily keep track of employees? credentials anytime and from anywhere. It also notifies them when a credential needs to be renewed or when an employees credentials have been revoked.

Automated primary source verification is also highly configurable, allowing organizations to create custom workflows to manage applications for license and certification renewals. The automated system is built to save time and energy, while still ensuring accuracy and complexity.

Benefits of Using Automated Primary Source Verification

There are a number of advantages to using automated primary source verification in order to maintain compliant workforce. Here are just a few of the substances of using the system:

? Complete visibility and control over workforce compliance ? Organizations will have an up-to-date view of employees? credentials and will be able to rest assured that all credentials are active and valid.

? Real-time tracking ? Real-time tracking helps organizations stay on top of renewals, and take necessary action, such as reapplying for credentials, when necessary.

? Streamlined processes ? Automated primary source verification takes the guesswork out of managing employee credentials, streamlining cumbersome processes such as application for license renewal.

? Improved staff utilization ? Automation of workforce compliance allows organizations to use their staff more efficiently, delegating more important tasks to experts with accurate credentials.

? Pre-built workflows ? Organizations can create custom workflows to streamline their processes, automating certain tasks that would otherwise take their staff more time and energy.

The core message

Finding a reliable and efficient way of managing employee credentials in order to ensure workforce compliance is an enormous task, but organizations are not without help. Automated primary source verification is an invaluable tool designed to make this process easier, more efficient, and more reliable, while passively staying ahead of regulatory compliance.

From mitigating risk and improving team productivity to streamlining processes and improving staff utilization, automated primary source verification can help your organization achieve its mission of maintaining a compliant workforce.


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