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For a companies Compliance leader, ensuring that all employees working in a regulated industry are properly credentialed is no small feat. Professionals working with Advanced Diabetes Management (ADM) may be subject to licensure or certification in order to provide the best care and treatment for their patients. Keeping those professionals licensed and certified is time-consuming and risky. With automated license Verification, Compliance Leaders can save time and mitigate compliance risks associated with license and certification validation of employees.

Certemy is a leader in License Verification, offering an automated system to validate occupational licenses and certifications across employee groups. This reliable system offers complete visibility and control of a workforce compliance program. Automation of the license tracking process and primary source verification save time and improve staff utilization. The tracking of employee licenses and credentials is tracked in one central system of record. This assists in the management and renewal of licenses.

Certemy also helps to stay ahead of the ever-changing regulatory compliance landscape. This system provides not only automated tracking of licenses but also instant access to updates of license renewal information. Workflows are pre-built and include a range of customizable options to automate license application processes.

For an ADM compliance leader, Certemy provides comprehensive license management capabilities. This validated and secure system helps ensure that employees are staying up to speed with their renewable licenses and meet all licensing requirements. With all licenses and certifications tracked and verified in one system, compliance leaders have complete control and visibility across their entire organization.

The burden of monitoring staff?s licenses and certifications is lessened significantly when automated. Compliance leads are empowered to focus their resources on the most important elements of the job, instead of mightily attempting to keep up with the shifting rules of licensure. Certemysaves professionals from the manual burden of dealing with state-by-state regulations, helping to ensure that all licensing requirements are met.

Certemys automated license verification system helps compliance leaders in ADM organizations by simplifying the complex process of license tracking and verification. All license information is securely stored and provides access anytime, anywhere for quick verification and updating. An efficient and secure compliance program provides employees with greater assurance and protection in their work. They can be assured that their credentials are being monitored and updated, while also making sure all of their patients and customers have the best care. Compliance officers can rest easy knowing that their organization is staying in compliance with regulations.

With a robust system in place to verify and monitor professional licenses, compliance leads can be confident that they are meeting current requirements and ensuring that their organization is compliant. Certemys automated license verification provides an extra layer of security to the organization and helps to ensure that all employees are adhering to the latest coordinator and regulatory standards.


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