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Compliance with the ever-evolving regulatory demands of any industry can be a challenge for any business. Time-consuming and often costly processes can lead to delays in the execution of daily tasks. That’s why organizations are turning to automated license verification platforms to streamline their license and certification tracking processes.

Certemy is a leading license verification platform that simplifies the compliance process with an automated primary source verification system. This system helps organizations validate occupational licenses and certifications from their employees, quickly confirming if they remain up-to-date, free of sanction or other disciplinary actions, and accurately renewed.

With Certemy, organizations can also gain better visibility and control of their workforce compliance programs, giving them the assurance of compliance when needed. The platform is also able to track and manage certifications and licenses with primary source verification ensuring that the business is always up-to-date with any changes or updates to regulatory bodies.

Certemy also provides real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials in an easy-to-manage system of record. Pre-built workflows in the platform are also configurable to simplify and automate license application processes. This makes operations more efficient while providing accuracy when needed. With greater visibility, organizations can also improve team productivity and help eliminate any licensing obstacles that can impede operations.

Certemy is used by some of the largest employers in the US due to its ability to save time while mitigating risk and improving staff utilization. It genuinely helps organizations adhere to regulatory compliance without breaking the bank while providing total control of their workforce compliance tasks.

Overall, Certemy presents organizations a powerful solution for license verification and compliance management. With the platform, organizations can be confident in fulfilling compliance and licensing requirements while streamlining their operations. This will allow the business to focus its attention and resources on their core competencies.


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