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As employers grow bigger and regulations become more complex, staying compliant with labor and employment laws is becoming increasingly difficult. Companies must be sure they?re hiring legally allowed individuals as well as verify their qualifications and credentials such as occupational licenses and certifications. With the help of an automated primary source verification system, companies can make sure their workforce license compliance is kept up to date, enabling them to maintain regulatory compliance and save time and money.

Primary source verification is the process of confirming credentials, such as licenses or certifications, against the official records of the related issuing agency. This process is crucial to ensure that the credentials are up to date, are not expired, and are free from any disciplinary actions or sanctions. It is the most accurate way for employers to verify qualifications and credentials from individuals.

Certemy is a leader in license verification with their automated process, enabling employers to easily manage and track employee licenses and certifications all in one place. It is used by leading U.S. companies to reduce costs and time, mitigate risks, and improve their staff’s utilization. Using Certemys License Verification tool, employers can take control of their compliance process by getting real-time insights into their employees licenses and qualifications. They can also automate the license application processes and set up pre-built workflows that are fully configurable.

Employers can save valuable time and minimize the chance of an error with Certemys automated primary source verification. Certemy pulls data from official sources to immediately verify licenses and professional certifications such as a Certified Wound Ostomy Nurse-Advanced Practice (CWON-AP). The system also provides critical insights such as license expirations, renewal dates, suspensions, and disciplinary action so employers can stay ahead of regulatory compliance.

Certemy also provides a library of state-specific information the employers can use to prepare for each state?s unique regulations. They offer primary source verification for all 50 states as well as an additional 800+ credential types. Certemys comprehensive suite of verification services also includes criminal background checks, drug and alcohol certifications, and false claims act verifications.

The automation of primary source verification is a lifesaver for human resource operations and helps employers in their compliance efforts. The cost savings and time-saving advantages of automated license verification systems, such as Certemy, enable employers to stay up to date while also freeing up staff resources. By committing to efforts such as primary source verification through the use of time-saving automated solutions, employers are taking an important step towards ensuring their compliance with labor and employment laws.


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