License Verification Tool | Child/Adolescent Psychiatric-Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist

Having a well-structured and reliable employee license tracking system is critical for organizations in the healthcare industry. Operations and compliance teams are tasked with managing and regulating the tracking and monitoring of each employees’ licensures across the board, keeping track of renewals, suspensions, and other requirements. With the foundational shift that has been made to primarily digital methods of compliance, It is now possible to automate license tracking and ensure accuracy with primary source verification services.

Verification services provide a platform for operations teams to accurately capture and analyze data on employee licensure, helping ensure compliance and regulation. These services use primary source validation, confirming the validity of current license holdings including expiration, suspension, reinstatement and other changes that may be applicable across professions such as, nurses, pharmacists and Child/Adolescent Psychiatric-Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialists.

Trusted by some of the largest organizations in the United States, and used by many healthcare providers, a license tracking system provides every employer with visibility and control of their employee credentials program. Automating and moving away from manual processing of data entry and validation improves the speed of compliance, reducing manual labor costs and reducing the risk of error.

A license tracking system is more than just being able to locate and maintain records of employee licensure statuses. The primary benefit being accuracy. Automated primary source verification keeps records updated as soon as changes occur. Generally, these services are able to obtain return times within 24 hours, providing employers a complete real-time view of their employeestatuses and records.

Using advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), these services enable a advanced and comprehensive search of multiple databases ensuring accuracy, completeness and security of records. Employers can now monitor their employee license tracking and verify credentials daily, with primary source validation, using an automated license tracking system.

License tracking can be tedious and convoluted when done manually, as the employer has to ensure the compliance of all the regulatory bodies governing each profession. Automated license tracking services automate the process by utilizing integrated workflows that are configurable to automating license application processes. Thereby eliminating incumbent manual errors, costs and time associated with manual record keeping.

Every employer in the healthcare ecosystem is obligated to routinely verify the credentials of their staff to ensure that their license and certifications are current and in good standing. When such verification is incomplete, or inaccurate, penalties can be imposed on the employer by relevant regulatory bodies. Automated license tracking allows employers to be constantly up to date with their employee credentials and mitigate the fines or shutdown that may take place for inaccurate compliance with licensure regulations.

Organizations have the option to create custom tracking and reporting workflows as per their organizational structure and requirements, enabling them to meet their organizational objectives while ensuring total compliance. Such customizability enables the organization to manage their tracking processes efficiently while complying with applicable government regulations.

The services also provide scalability to help organizations grow and evolve alongside their employees’ licensure credentials and requirements. Thereby, providing a competitive advantage to any organization by helping them track and manage their employee license status in the most efficient way possible.

For organizations looking for the most comprehensive license tracking solution, the automated license tracking services provide the most reliable and efficient route. As the healthcare industry is undeniably fast-paced, many employers are leveraging these services to automate their license tracking and verify their staff credentials continuously. By taking such a proactive approach, employers can ensure total compliance and mitigate any risk of fines or shutdowns for improper record keeping.


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