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The complexities of licensing and certifications today can be overwhelming. With the rapid pace of change in regulations and many licenses requiring renewal or recertification at varying intervals, it is important for employers to have an efficient way to manage these licenses and credentials. To help employers ensure their employees are licensed appropriately and in full compliance with all regulatory requirements, Certemy offers a comprehensive solution for automating the process known as primary source verification.

Primary source verification is a process of validating occupational licenses and certifications and is relied upon by the Department of Labor, the Department of Health and Human Services, and other regulatory bodies. A critical tool for employers, it helps to confirm that their employees licenses are active, have been accurately renewed, and are free of any disciplinary action. Automating primary source verification significantly increases efficiency by eliminating the need for manual compliance checks and reduces the risk of errors.

Certemys process for primary source verification includes several key features, such as real-time tracking of licenses and credentials across all employees. This single system of record helps to make it easier to stay ahead of regulatory compliance by providing complete visibility and control of the workforce compliance program.

Certemy also includes several pre-built workflows which are fully configurable, allowing employers to customize the process for license application processes to better fit their needs. This ensures that the process is as efficient and streamlined as possible and that employers are always in compliance.

Additionally, Certemys license tracking automates critical tasks like license renewal reminders. This ensures compliance by alerting employers when a renewal or recertification is needed. Employers can also take advantage of analytics to determine which licenses and certifications require renewal or recertification and plan for staffing needs accordingly.

Certemy also helps employers save time by automatically verifying licenses and certifications against primary sources. This eliminates the time-consuming and manual process of doing so manually. In addition, Certemy provides complete auditing trails and legal compliance documents to protect employers against any potential errors.

Certemy is trusted by many of the largest employers in the US to improve staff utilization, mitigate risk, and save time. Automating the process of primary source verification can make the process of managing licenses and certifications much easier, from verifying credentials to tracking renewals and compliance. By leveraging Certemys suite of tools, employers can be sure that their employees will remain in compliance with all relevant regulatory requirements.


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