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In an era of extreme competition for top talent, organizations are increasingly turning to technology to streamline and expedite the onboarding process. To ensure compliance and mitigate legal risks, businesses must take measures to ensure that their workers have all the valid qualifications and regulations related to their position. With the complexity of tracking and managing occupational licenses, many organizations are now utilizing an automated license tracking and primary source verification (PSV) system to remain compliant and up to date on employee qualifications.

Certemy is a premier license management platform dedicated to helping companies streamline and centralize licensure processes. The system allows for real-time tracking of employee ?qualifications? such as licenses and certifications through an integrated ONE system of record. The technology is designed to make talent management & compliance easier by leveraging pre-built workflows, customizable portals and a suite of other features to automate the application process.

The platform offers primary source verification which is the process of verifying an individual?s credentials and qualifications directly with the issuing authority. Obtaining certification information from Primary Source Verification helps to increase the accuracy of an applicant?s qualifications and ensures that businesses remain compliant with state regulations. By utilizing Certemys automated license tracking and verification system, customers can gain peace of mind and confidence that their employees and their organization as a whole is meeting all the applicable governmental requirements.

The platform also allows for the customization of workflows within the application and tracking process. This means that the platform can be tailored to the unique needs of each client?s specific business objectives. The result is a solution that optimizes and automates processes, thereby increasing efficiency and improving compliance.

By leveraging Certemys automated license tracking and verification capabilities, organizations can steadily increase efficiency while simultaneously improving the satisfaction of both applicants and personnel teams. By utilizing this end-to-end system, organizations can increase the success of their talent acquisition process and ensure that they remain compliant, all while staying ahead of ever-evolving regulations.


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