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In Todays regulated environment, employers must keep track of the qualifications and certifications of their workforce at all time to ensure regulatory compliance. Delivering high-quality services requires that personnel on the job have a valid, up to date license. It is no longer feasible for organizations to manually manage and verify the credentials of hundreds or thousands of employees. That is where automated license tracking and primary source verification enter the picture.

Certemy is the industry leader in License Verification, providing an automated primary source verification system to validate occupational licenses and certifications to ensure that they remain active and free of disciplinary actions. The cloud-based system enables complete visibility and control of your compliance program, eliminating manual processes and maximizing the efficiency of workforce?s productivity.

Certemys platform allows employers to save time and avoid penalties, while mitigating risk and guaranteeing the best possible utilization of staff. The system keeps track of employee credentials in real-time in a single system of record. Pre-built workflows such as license applications processes can also be predictably automated with the platform.

The entire system is based on informative, predictive data to provide real-time license status, coupled with a 24/7 customer service to ensure employers have the right information for every employee. The platform is regularly updated with federal and state regulations and procedures to ensure maximum compliance in Todays rapidly changing environment.

The Certemysystem offers significant time-saving advantages for HR personnel, eliminating the tedious paperwork of manual license tracking processes. The system streamlines the entire compliance and verification process with full automation and can also provide reporting and audIt iservices if and when required.

Organizations that have implemented Certemy have seen immediate benefits, including enhanced workforce compliance, with increased confidence in their teams problem-solving abilities. Automated primary source verification provides real-time status updates of employee credentials which helps to remove any doubt or uncertainty in the process.

By providing not only efficient, but also effective license tracking and verification, Certemy provides numerous cost savings to employers. It eliminates costly fines and penalties due to licensing or certification issues. Additionally, it adds value to organizations by helping them rapidly identify engaged personnel, which can add more value to the organization in terms of staff productivity.

Organizations using Certemys automated primary source verification system can ensure they are confidently compliant with all local, state and federal regulations ? avoiding costly fines and protecting their best interests. By automating the license tracking process, companies can better manage their teams and improve employee utilization.


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