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The Compliance landscape is changing, and organizations are increasingly looking for automated solutions that can provide real-time primary source Verification of critical workforce credentials. Organizations are finding that they need to stay ahead of regulatory requirements and protect their teams and organizations from risk while also improving efficiency with automated license tracking and license application processes. Automated license verification is becoming the standard for HR departments, compliance leads, and other professionals as they seek to save time, reduce workloads, and keep businesses compliant.

Automated license verification (ALV) is a comprehensive process that involves collecting and verifying credentials related to occupational licenses, certifications, degrees, and other relevant documents associated with any employee or contractor. Verification procedures vary among different industries, but all utilize primary source verification, which involves one or more government or other authoritative entities, to establish the validity of the documentation. This allows companies to quickly identify and address any discrepancies or potential problems before they turned into major issues for the company.

ALV provides organizations with a streamlined method for verifying and managing the credentials of their workforce. ALV systems are typically hosted online, or integrated into another web-based system, allowing organizations to easily track and manage each employees credentials. Risk is reduced by verifying documents against the primary source and alerts are triggered if any significant changes occur.

In addition to increased visibility into credentials, ALV also reduces the amount of manual workflow for HR departments. Pre-built customizable workflows automate processes such as license renewal and tracking, reducing exaggeration and errors. Automation also helps to ensure compliance with regulations, particularly if the system includes reminders for renewals and alerts for expired documents.

Additionally, ALV gives organizations more control over the amount of valid documents associated with each employee or contractor. By connecting to the primary source, such as the Board of Nursing for a nursing license, organizations can quickly validate and/or invalidate documents and reduce the risk of credential fraud. ALV systems can also be used to create an audit trail of all documents, further protecting the companies compliance ranking.

Organizations seeking automated licensure solutions should look for a system that provides timely, accurate, and secure primary source verification. These systems should also offer customizable parameters and automated workflows, as well as alerting options for regulatory requirements, such as reminders for license renewals. In addition, organizations should look for a solution that offers compliance reporting and audit trails to track any changes to employee credentials.

Overall, automated license verification offers a comprehensive and secure solution for maintaining workforce compliance. Organizations are immensely benefited from improved compliance standards, reduced errors and manual workflows, as well as many other benefits that an automated licensing solution provides.


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