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Organizations today are increasingly held to a much higher standard of oversight and compliance on a host of issues related to multiple levels of license, certification, and accreditation. In this ever-evolving sea of rules and regulations, modern enterprises require a reliable tool to ensure their adherence to best practices and industry regulations. This is where automated license verification solutions can help.

An automated license verification system is a crucial tool for organizations looking to validate their employees’ professional licenses and certifications, as well as stay current on changing regulations and requirements. It allows quick, efficient, and comprehensive primary source verification of employee licenses, helping businesses mitigate potential risk and ensure that the right people are in the right positions.

Certemy is an automated primary source verification system that helps you stay ahead of changing regulations and requirements. Powered by artificial intelligence and latest technologies such as Blockchain, it quickly and securely verifies your occupational licenses and certifications across your entire workforce in a matter of minutes.

Certemy allows you to quickly acquire insights into employee licenses and credentials in one single system of record. This helps greatly improve team productivity, as well as visibility into the companies entire workforce. Its pre-built workflows are also fully configurable, which makes the application process much simpler and automated.

Using Certemy also helps organizations avoid costly fines and penalties associated with failing to comply with regulatory obligations. As the use of professions and related certification bodies require companies to meet set standards in order to operate legally, verifying that your employees have the right licenses and credentials is essential. With its automated license verification system, Certemy helps companies stay compliant with the strictest of regulations.

On the other hand, Certemy is also user-friendly. It is intuitive and easy to use, even for those with little to no technical knowledge. Companies will receive notifications when renewed certificates become available, which will allow them to quickly begin the verification process. The program has a number of features that help companies stay on top of deadlines and expiration dates. The system also integrates with existing HR systems, making it easy for companies to transfer data, update employee profiles, and store data in one unified platform.

A reliable and secure automated license verification system is essential for organisations needing to validate their employees professional licenses and certifications, as well as keep up to date on changing regulations and requirements. Certemys automated license verification system allows you to quickly and accurately acquire insight into your staff’s licenses in one single system of record, providing not only real-time tracking and compliance visibility, but significant time and cost savings.


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