License Verification Tool | Cardiac Surgery (Adult)

Primary source Verification for professional licenses and certifications can be a laborious task. Employers need to stay ahead of regulations and maintain Compliance by tracking and managing license and certification credentials. Certemys automated license verification is here to assist compliance professionals with a thorough primary source verification system that provides complete visibility and control of their workforce?s credentials.

Certemy was designed to help Human Resource (HR) departments and compliance teams by automating license tracking and primary source verification to stay ahead of compliance requirements. With the software, your team can gain real-time visibility of employee licenses and credentials, saving time while mitigating risk and improving team productivity. For example, employers looking to verify professional certifications and credentials for medical personnel like a Cardiac Surgery (Adult) license can use Certemys software to verify credentials immediately.

Certemys licenses tracking system is built on a foundation of pre-built workflows that are fully configurable to automate the process of license application. All license and certification data is collected directly from the primary sources like state and regulatory boards, updated automatically and stored securely within Certemy. This primary source verification saves time and ensures accuracy while providing you with a reliable record for your entire organization. Certemys automated license verification alerts you whenever a credential is about to expire and notifies when a subject has been placed under sanctions or has faced any disciplinary action.

By linking up with the Certemysystem, organizations have greater control and visibility of employees’ licenses and certifications. HR departments and compliance teams can save time, resources, and money when activities that were manual processes are now automated. Additionally, all the data gathered by Certemy is secure and updated regularly. With it, the company can keep track of any necessary paperwork which would take a lot of time and effort to do manually.

Certemys automated primary source verification system helps employers who need to accurately track and manage their employees licenses and certifications, while also staying ahead of changing compliance regulations. With its automated workflows and real-time tracking capabilities, Certemy helps organizations ensure regulatory compliance at all times while providing more efficiency and time savings for their teams.


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