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Employers searching for an efficient approach to managing employee licenses and certifications need look no further than Certemy. This comprehensive platform provides employers with a single source of truth for all the license and credentialing information they need. The automated primary source Verification process of Certemy ensures that all of their personnel maintain the appropriate number of certifications and licensures without spending countless hours conducting manual searches.

Certemy provides a comprehensive system of record for primary source verification, meaning employers can manage the license verification process while keeping ahead of any potential regulatory Compliance issues. Utilizing this platform, employers have the ability to check the credentials of every individual in their organization in real-time.

The platform also offers incredible team productivity benefits, such as automating the entire license application process with pre-built workflows that can be tailored to a companies specific needs. To further streamline this process, Certemy provides an intuitive interface, making it easy to get up and running quickly.

Because Certemy is a trusted, secure provider, its primary source verification is trusted by many of the biggest names in corporate America. Governments and business alike rely on the automated license verification streamlining provided by Certemy and its advanced technology that saves time, money and resources.

Certemy also provides proactive updates to all employers using its services to ensure their compliance is up-to-date. This includes automatic tracking, notification, and renewal assistance so that all of their personnel credentials are up-to-date and verified to the current standards.

The Certemy platform is a great solution for any employer looking to save time and mitigate risk while staying compliant with various licensing and credentialing requirements. The automated primary source verification ensures that employers are able to keep their current systems up-to-date while being able to avoid any potential compliance concerns.


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