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For Human Resources (HR) departments, the process of tracking and verifying employee licenses and certifications can be one of the most demanding and time-consuming tasks. As necessary as it may be, the manual process of ensuring each employees credentials are up to date and accurately documented can take away from other important duties. To improve accuracy and streamline the process of license verification and tracking, many employers now turn to automated license verification and tracking systems.

Certemy offers one of the most comprehensive automated license verification and tracking solutions on the market. This system is trusted by some of the largest employers in the United States. It offers real-time tracking of employee licenses and credentials while providing HR departments with complete visibility and control of the organizations compliance program. With this automated system in place, regulatory compliance is greatly improved and team productivity is increased.

Verification & Tracking Automation with Certemy

Automated license verification and tracking is important for organizations of all sizes. It helps save valuable time while helping to ensure the best practices are in place for employee certification and license compliance. When utilizing a system like Certemy, this automation is made even more improved and precise.

The Certemysystem offers an automated primary source verification process which validates an employees occupational licenses and certifications. This is done to confirm that each employees documentation is up to date, appropriately renewed, and free from any disciplinary actions or other sanctions. This process is fully automated, so there?s no need to manually cross-reference license and certification documentation. The system quickly verifies the data in the original source and provides accurate records.

Not only do employers have the assurance that their compliance program is up to date, but Certemy is also designed with pre-built workflows which are fully configurable for automation of the license application process. All of this saves time, making life much easier for HR departments and other personnel responsible for managing compliance.

Bridging the Gap Between Regulatory Standards & Employee Certifications

In Todays competitive global economy, employers must be diligent in their adherence to all relevant regulatory standards and ensure that all certifications and licenses for their employees are current and maintained properly. Certemy is a leader in license verification and tracking systems, providing employers with the best tools possible to engage in compliance and keep abreast of the constantly changing regulatory environment.

Although manual tracking of licenses and certifications is still an option, it carries with it the potential for both time-consuming manual data entry and inaccuracies. With an automated license verification and tracking system, employers can gain that much needed assurance that every employee is in compliance, while also saving time and energy which can be reinvested in the business. Working with a trusted partner, like Certemy, to implement the automated verification system can be a vital component of a successful HR operations strategy.


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